Jesus brought me back to life

Author: testimony

The doctors called my parents and told them that they should start preparing for my funeral. They didn’t give me any chance of survival. They said that if I did survive by some miracle, I would be a vegetable.

I experienced the resurrection in my life. I shouldn’t even be here now. I’m here thanks to a miracle. Everything began with the conversion of my mother, who had previously believed in birth psychomagic. She thought that this would be the way to “protect herself” from all evils. At the time, I was about six years old. Mum recanted, and the family joined a charismatic community. As a child, I had a variety of perceptions about this group. On the one hand, I complained “they’re taking over my house again”; I felt left out, because there were again more important things. On the other hand, I was happy that the doors to our house were not closed. It was a way for me to get to know a lot of different people.


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