A Priceless Treasure

Author: ks. Mieczysław Piotrowski TChr

Married couples possess a marvelous treasure. That treasure is Jesus Christ in the sacrament of matrimony. They need to entrust all their problems to Jesus, since it is only by His strength that they will overcome them.

Jesus will prevail over every crisis and work incredible healings in the life of married couples who entrust to Him all their problems and sufferings, while remaining faithful to His teachings and their marriage vows. He will heal disordered marital relations and overcome all hardships when the couple open themselves up to His healing love in daily persevering prayer and the sacraments of penance and the Eucharist.

  Healing of emotions

During my studies in Rome, I met a marvelous Catholic couple with three children. The husband worked in one of the ministries and had several secretaries in his office. He related to me the story of his marital crisis. He had fallen in love with one of the secretaries who was much younger than his wife and physically more attractive. So strong were his feelings that he could not imagine living without this woman since only she seemed to promise him true happiness. He was on the point of leaving his wife and children and moving in with this woman.

“I was desperate,” he told me. I wrestled with myself. Fortunately, I went to confession. When I presented the matter to my confessor, he told me straight out: ‘This is one of the most insidious temptations of the Evil One. You have to unmask his actions. Go home and tell your wife what has happened. Start praying the rosary with your wife every day. I urge you to attend Holy Mass every day before going to work and entrust your heart to Jesus for healing. Offer Him your entire self and all your sufferings. Remember that you and your wife have a great treasure. You have the sacrament of marriage, which is Christ Himself. He is the strength of your love and marital bond. Jesus will surely resolve your problem and heal your emotions, but you must arm yourself with patience and give yourself over to His therapy and healing.’ When, after confession, I told my wife I had fallen in love with my secretary, she broke down and wept.

“We began to pray the rosary together every day. Every morning, before going to work, I went to Mass and once every two weeks I made my confession. But my feelings did not go away at once. I had to struggle hard, endure suffering every day and offer it up to Christ. But Jesus had access to my heart, and slowly He healed my underlying selfishness. Gradually He ordered and healed my feelings. After several months of spiritual struggle, a miracle occurred. Jesus healed me. I rediscovered my love for my wife. I came to love her as I never had before.”

  Healing from post-abortion syndrome

Women who have had an abortion and not reconciled themselves with God and their aborted children experience what is known as post-abortion syndrome. They may suffer from deep depressions. Often they are unable to sleep, have trouble relating with others, and experience all kinds of health issues.

The main reason for this tragic condition is a lack of reconciliation with God and the children they have killed, in their womb. Every woman who has the crime of abortion on her conscience urgently needs to experience God’s Mercy and forgiveness. She needs spiritual, pyschological, and physical healing. In order that this may happen, she needs to cling firmly to Christ, place boundless trust in His Mercy, and come to terms with her aborted child.

Dear reader, if you have had an abortion, here is the best counsel you can possibly receive. You need to stand before God in truth and express sincere sorrow for your sins. With a child’s trust, confess your sin to the Merciful God: “I have killed my child and regret it deeply.” Remember that your child lives with God. After praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, imagine that Jesus is at this very moment embracing you and your child (children) with His love. Ask Jesus to reveal to you the sex of your child. Give him or her a name and ask Jesus and your child for forgiveness. When you have received forgiveness of your sins in the sacrament of reconciliation, you need then to forgive yourself. Thank Jesus and your child for the gift of forgiveness. Express your love to them. Unite all this in the Eucharist celebrated for your aborted child, your husband, and the rest of your children. Christ will then work a complete healing. Parents who have deserted their child after giving it birth need to do likewise. In the same way, parents grieving the loss of a child in a miscarriage or stillbirth should also give it a name and entrust it to God in the Eucharist.

The healing power of Christ present in the Eucharist reaches not only those taking part in the Mass, but also those who cooperated in the death of the child and are not present. At a Holy Mass celebrated for these intentions, Jesus Christ will heal all the tragic consequences of the sin of abortion, including all seemingly hopeless cases of psychological and nervous disorders.

Abortion touches not only the woman and her aborted child, but also harms the husband, the rest of the children—the whole family, and the society at large.

Studies have shown that the siblings of the aborted child undergo a particular kind of suffering. Children conceived after an earlier abortion and having to develop in a womb that was the scene of a brother or sister’s killing often experience strong anxiety symptoms later in life. Such children manifest aggression toward their parents, which can express itself in suicidal tendencies.

In 1971, Dr. Andrew Feldmar published the results of his study on people who had attempted suicide. He discovered that in almost every case, these people were victims of an attempted abortion. The suicidal thoughts tended to arise most noticeably on the anniversary of the failed abortion. Even the methods of their attempted suicide tended to mirror those by which their mother intended to kill them. Feldmar discovered that the subjects of his study had encoded in their subconciousness a knowledge of their mother’s attempt at depriving them of life, even though this occurred in the first weeks after conception.

Because people have closed their hearts to Divine Mercy, the destructive power of sin generates all manner of suffering and disease. Only the love of Christ can overcome and defeat the power of evil that enslaves people and causes them so much suffering. That is why both child and parents need to open up their hearts to His love in daily persevering praying, express sorrow for every sin committed, and despise all manner of sin. Then, in the sacraments of penance and the Eucharist, Jesus is able to work the miracle of a complete healing.

  Healing from wounds incurred during the prenatal period

Every child conceived in its mother’s womb is a great gift of God and needs to be accepted by the parents with love. Parents who are unwilling to accept their preborn child, who reject it and consider it as an aggressor, do themselves and the child great harm. To repair these spiritual wounds, the parents need to make a sincere confession and have a Holy Mass said for their child and themselves at which they will entrust themselves and their child entirely to the will of God.

Pregnant mothers who are in a state of mortal sin or enslaved by addictions such as narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes also do great harm to the child they carry in their womb. Being extraordinarily sensitive, the preborn child absorbs not only the toxic substances but also everything that its mother experiences—her good and bad thoughts and feelings. In the first ninety days of its existence in the mother’s womb, the child receives from its mother everything that will characterize it throughout its life. It receives acceptance and the warmth of maternal love or it receives rejection, hatred, and anger. Many problems experienced by people in later life have their roots in the bad experiences of the prenatal period. The only way of overcoming these problems is to have the Eucharist said for these intentions. In order that the Eucharistic Jesus may heal with His love all our wounds, restore our interpersonal relations, remove the causes of our various complexes, our low self-esteem, aggression, and physical, psychological, and mental disorders, we have only to come to Christ, confess all our sins in the sacrament of reconciliation, and entrust ourselves to Him as His exclusive possession in the Eucharist.

  Fr M. Piotrowski SChr

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