“Blood is upon their hands” (Ezek 23:45)

Author: Mirosław Rucki

Scripture says that cursed is he who is willing to kill a man and shed innocent blood for money (Deut 27:25). “The voice of your brother’s blood is crying” to God (Gen 4:10), and to us those people who survived an attempt on their lives in their mother’s womb are loudly crying out.

Melissa Ohden had already been in her mother’s womb for six months when she was subjected to a cruel, murderous treatment: the uterus was injected with saline solution in order to destroy the baby. After a dramatic battle lasting for five days Melissa was born alive, although she suffered from both liver and respiratory failure. Doctors were convinced that even if she remained alive, blindness, deafness, physical and mental impairment would be her lot. Nevertheless, the girl survived and regained full health. Today Melissa Ohden is a wife and a mother. She believes that her life and health is miracle of God that could only have happened thanks to the love of her adoptive parents, nurses, volunteers and her doctor.

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