“Blood is upon their hands” (Ezek 23:45)

Author: Mirosław Rucki

Scripture says that cursed is he who is willing to kill a man and shed innocent blood for money (Deut 27:25). “The voice of your brother’s blood is crying” to God (Gen 4:10), and to us those people who survived an attempt on their lives in their mother’s womb are loudly crying out.

Melissa Ohden had already been in her mother’s womb for six months when she was subjected to a cruel, murderous treatment: the uterus was injected with saline solution in order to destroy the baby. After a dramatic battle lasting for five days Melissa was born alive, although she suffered from both liver and respiratory failure. Doctors were convinced that even if she remained alive, blindness, deafness, physical and mental impairment would be her lot. Nevertheless, the girl survived and regained full health. Today Melissa Ohden is a wife and a mother. She believes that her life and health is miracle of God that could only have happened thanks to the love of her adoptive parents, nurses, volunteers and her doctor.

Melissa Ohden is the founder of an association of people who survived abortion (The Abortion Survivors Network). The association’s website says: “Abortion had intended to take our voice away. We are here to talk about our experience.” It is estimated that in the USA there are about 44,000 people who survived abortion attempts by a variety of lethal methods. This is a small number, given the total number of 1.2 million abortions per year in the United States. These living, walking examples of abortion survivors speak out in defense of those who finished their short and painful lives in medical waste bags. The number of survivors who were actually finished off must be much higher.

It is estimated that in the USA there are about 44,000 people who survived abortion attempts by a variety of lethal methods.

LifeNews.com. describes an incredibly significant case. In November 2011 Mrs. Carol Howard paid an abortion clinic $1300 for the murder of her daughter in the 22nd week of pregnancy. After 12 hours of abortion the mother decided that it went on too long, and went to a nearby hospital where the baby was born. The court decided that the abortion clinic must pay her more than $36 million for bodily harm. Objectively looking at it, the effective murder of a child would bring pure profit to the abortionists, however, they had to pay compensation for the fact that they did not actually kill the child.

Human hypocrisy knows no bounds. After many years of publicity on the problem of live births after abortion, including Jill Stanek, in 2002 President George Bush signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which protects babies born after abortion from infanticide. In the full majesty of American law, a baby in its mother’s womb has no right to life and can be killed with any method, but if the baby has left the mother’s womb and is still alive, then it is protected and nothing can be done to it.

Journalist Natalia Dueholm has also collected data on other countries (see the article on Hospital Infanticide on www.pch24.pl). She points out that, in the text of 2012 Abandoning newborns to death (in the Norwegian paradise), Barbara Liwo reports that in the maternity ward at hospital Rikshospitalet in Oslo, which specializes in admitting premature babies (with the staff trained specifically for this purpose) whilst performing so-called late abortions, there had also been frequent postabortion live births. These babies were simply put somewhere aside to die. 57 hospital staff were moved by their conscience, so they prepared a letter to the Department of Health, in which they asked for clarification as to whether leaving a not-fully-killed 6-month-old baby to die was in accordance with the law. They wrote because they did not want to participate in something like that anymore. The letter was waiting for an answer for a year, until finally in May 2012 the Department of Health concluded, to the satisfaction of midwives, that abortion after 22 weeks is illegal. It seems that abortion at 21 or 20 weeks is acceptable for them, as if a baby one week younger was not yet a fully human being.

In the article Inhumane Times (“National Health” magazine, No 84- 92/2010) Mrs. Alexandra Gielewska writes: “Babies born prematurely, with too low a birth weight, were drowned in buckets of water or carried outside at -30°C to freeze. Hospital statistics recorded them as born dead” - remembers professor Roman Czekanowski. How many gynecologists and obstetricians have such memories? And was this practiced only by the most zealous, most ambitious ward managers, set on personal careers and anxious to please the rulers of the then People’s Republic of Poland, or was it a routine action?” When speaking of abortions, imposed on the Polish society by the communist authorities, the author states: “The abortion surgery was treated by the society like the pulling out of an aching tooth. Some women even believed that regularly becoming pregnant and then aborting was a rejuvenating cosmetic surgery, improving well-being and beauty. And medical staff did not yet carry high the torch of education.”

At the end of the article Mrs. Gielewska asks important questions: “And do we, the people of today, who declare it a priority to meet the expectations of administrative authorities, indicators imposed from the top, guidelines, standards, limitations, budget rigors – do we always act ethically? And, with time, will we not be perceived by our successors also as coarse primitives, mindlessly subordinating to temporary rules?” What we should do is first of all to recognize that apart from assessment by future generations, we are subject to the assessment of the Lord God, who says clearly: “You shall not kill” (Deut 5:17), and even “you shall not stand forth against the life of your neighbor” (Lev 19:16). Personal responsibility before God is about how we have obeyed His laws in life and how we have built a civilization of love.

Living, walking examples of abortion survivors speak out in defense of those who finished their short and painful lives in medical waste bags.

Mrs. N. Dueholm notes that the current Polish law permits eugenic abortion (i.e. based on the suspicion of the baby’s illness) until the baby is mature enough to live outside the mother’s body. This “moment” is assumed 23-24 weeks of pregnancy, although it depends more on the weight rather than the age of the baby. In the case of saving the mother’s life or health, there is no statutory time limit, which can lead to abuse. Different doctors admit more and more frequently that nowadays there are hardly any situations when abortion would be necessary to save the mother’s life.

It can be easily seen that the refusal of the right to life for the baby in the mother’s womb and performing abortions according to the majesty of the law will lead to the explicit crime of infanticide, when a baby is born alive, but is unwanted. This is a normal mechanism of wallowing in sin - one sin leads to another, followed by yet another one, and so on, until man is deeply entangled in sins. Therefore, the only way out of the situation is repentance, recognizing the criminal nature of abortion “surgery”, receiving forgiveness from the Merciful God and speaking up in defense of the unborn. This is required by common sense, human conscience, and above all, by God’s law of love.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, said: “The greatest danger to peace is abortion. If we can destroy the life that God offers us, or if the mother can become the executioner of her children, what can we say about other murders and wars in the world?” Several years later, she wrote in a letter to the Poles: “Let us bring true peace into our family, neighborhood, city, country, into the world. Let’s start from the loving kindness to a little baby in the mother’s womb. (...) The safest place in the world should be in the mother’s womb, where the baby is the weakest and most helpless, fully confident and completely reliant on the mother. And remember that Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” (Mt 25: 40).

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