Pornography – the killing of the human conscience

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The mass media are dominated by people who fight against Christian values and spread atheism through demoralization. To a great extent, it is the media which are responsible for promoting a complete moral permissiveness, the lifestyle of “if it feels good, do it,”sexual promiscuity, pornography, contraception, homosexual marriage and divorce.

The Lord God warns all the scandalizers spreading lies in the mass media; all those who, by demoralizing, are killing the human conscience: “woe to you who call evil good and good evil” (Isa 5:20) “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble!” (Matt 18:7). St John Paul II wrote “Violating the conscience is a horrible injury done to a person. It is the most painful blow to human dignity. In some ways it is worse than causing physical death, worse than killing: Christ said “Do not fear those who kill the body” (Matt 10:28), indicating how much worse the evil is in killing the human spirit, the human conscience.

Without a moral order, without purity of heart, there is no happiness, love or freedom. “The civilization of death wants to destroy purity of heart”, Holy Father John Paul II warned. “One of the methods for doing this is the deliberate questioning of the value of the standard of behaviour which we call the virtue of purity. It is a particularly threatening phenomenon when the delicate consciences of children and youngsters become the targets of attack. A civilization which in this way injures or even kills proper relations between one person and another is a civilization of death, because a human cannot live without real love... I address this also our Polish families – to you fathers and mothers. Protect your families from pornography, which these days is infiltrating the human experience, especially that of children and youngsters, in a variety of forms. Defend the purity of the morals of your home and society.” (Sandomierz, 12 June 1999).

Let’s protect children from the porno business!

According to research from Family Safe Media, the average age of the first Internet exposure to pornography is nine. And there are plenty of sites to be exposed to. There are over 5 million pornographic sites available today, with over 68 million search requests daily. More than 2.5 billion porn e-mails are circulated every day. There are reports that 93 per cent of boys and 62 per cent of girls are exposed to Internet porn before they are 18 years old. More than 11 million teenagers view Internet porn on a regular basis. (see Josh & Dottie McDowell, Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex, p. 13)

Pornography, which is broadly available, is rife with unnatural, vulgar, violence-filled images, which destroy the psyche of a young person. Crime of a sexual nature, personality disorders, aggressiveness, the destruction of relations or the inability to build them – these are only a few of the effects of a pornography addiction. Studies demonstrate that there are neurological changes in the brain of a person addicted to pornography similar to the changes in a person addicted to narcotics or alcohol. Unfortunately, the earlier these changes in the brain happen, the harder it is to reverse them. That is why it is so particularly important to protect especially children and youngsters.

However, the good news is that most young people prefer that their parents be the primary source of sex information. Your kids prefer you as their source of learning about sex! Don’t miss the opportunity! Protect your children from the abusive media and teach them about God’s view of sexuality within the context of a loving family relationship!

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