The Gift of Simon

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We have been married for twenty years. The fruit of our love have been five sons, two of whom went to the Lord while still in my womb. We would like to share our experience of God's love for us.

In 2007, we were all looking forward to having another child in the family, when God suddenly took it away to His bosom. The experience hit us very hard. My husband, children, and I decided to set out on walking pilgrimage to Częstochowa where, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, we would ask God for more children, while always resigning ourselves to His will.

In July of 2008, on our way to Jasna Góra, we conceived another child. Our joy knew no bounds, but, alas, problems soon arose. When I was in my third month of pregnancy, the doctors told us there was a 95% chance that our little one had Down Syndrome. Resigning ourselves to God’s will, we persevered in prayer, pleading for the health and life of our child.

Joining us in prayer for the health of little Simon (for that is our son’s name) were our whole family, parish, neighbors, members of religious orders, several parish missions as well as a good number of pilgrims traveling to Our Lady’s Shrine in Częstochowa. For the intention of children we also signed on as permanent members of Communion and Liberation (CL).

Three months into my pregnancy I began to experience serious problems in carrying the baby. Sustaining medication was of no use. I had to lie still to the end of my term, since every movement worsened the state of my health. Several times before the birth, the doctor asked us if we were prepared to receive a sick child into the world.

Simon was born on July 15, 2009, just as our parish pilgrims reached Częstochowa. He was in perfect health! No developmental problems, not a trace of the syndrome which the doctors had diagnosed before the birth. Exactly a year had passed since our family prayed for the child at the foot of Our Lady of Jasna Góra.

Every day we thank God for our little Simon. Mary is the best of all mothers. That is why we have deposited our engagement rings at her local shrine as a token of our prayers for our child’s health. She will not disappoint us and will plead the necessary graces for us. God be thanked for the miracle of life!

Iwona & Piotr

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