The mass demoralisation of youth

Author: Mirosław Rucki

Public areas are steeped in erotic content - billboards and advertising posters at bus stops contain demoralising sexual undertones, while television and the internet bring pornography into our homes. Is it possible to somehow resist the wave of demoralisation?

We, as parents, should have started to become concerned a long time ago; also those people who have been chosen by the nation and who govern the state, should be concerned about the young people who are the future of our country. The reality of this demoralisation is in fact frightening, and it is confirmed by the impartial and merciless numbers from the report of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Sexualisation by the media

The APA work force have found with horror that the content of all media investigated by them encouraged underage children, particularly girls, to sexual activity. An average American child uses a variety of media for 6 hours and 32 minutes a day, of which about three hours are dedicated to the television. The report states: “Frequent use of media by young people potentially exposes them to contact with images that sexualise women and girls, as well as teach girls that women are sexual objects.”
I leave out entirely such situations as when my grandmother bought a package of satellite TV channels, in which there were two emitting pornography. She had no possibility to eliminate them and she had to pay for the whole package... Unfortunately, public and widely available free television also contains content that demoralises. In the television programs that were audited by APA, during prime time the researchers noted a huge amount of comments and remarks that had sexual undertones, portraying women as objects of desire, and not as human beings with their own dignity and value. In 84% of the analyzed episodes of popular TV serials there was at least one case of sexual harassment. In 74% of the analyzed episodes at least one immoral joke referring to women occurred, and most of them were accompanied by laughter from the audience.


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