The Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples

Author: ks. Mieczysław Piotrowski TChr


“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled; for God will judge the immoral and adulterous” (Heb 13:4).


Let not the stern reference to judgment ending this verse from the Letter to the Hebrews distract us from the inspired author’s intent, which is to uphold the honor and sanctity of marriage.

We live in times when people blithely chase after false gods and easy pleasures. Sex without any constraints and the pursuit of money are goals for which many will forsake the true, enduring happiness of marriage. Often they seem to achieve the object of their desires. But at what cost?

God created human beings as man and woman that they might live together, support each other in hard times, and make a mutual gift of their love and joy. God willed that out of this pure and sacred union should come children upon whom the parents would bestow their love, time, and care. This is no utopian ideal. It is the norm that the Creator planned for his creatures. When we conduct ourselves differently we are acting abnormally. To make the effort to return to that normality, therefore, makes eminent sense.

God is well aware that marriage is not a simple and easy matter that automatically “falls into place.” For this reason Jesus offered up His life for us, that, through the Holy Spirit, we might return to the Father. By the power of His grace we are able to rebuild what our first parents destroyed through original sin and what we continue to destroy by turning from God and “striving after wind” (Ecc1 1:14).

To refrain from adultery is not enough. Nor is it enough to observe God’s prohibitions and moral imperatives. To build up the bonds of marriage we need to know each other, and this is not possible without knowing God. We need to make the effort to understand the other, to hear what she has to say, to help him resolve his problems. We need to be present to each other. Only then can we attain that harmony known as happiness, which banishes promiscuity, betrayal, and lies.

We are all sick. We are all sinners. Our one remedy is Jesus, who heals through His Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. Only by persevering in prayer, by remaining in a state of sanctifying grace, and by frequent reception of the Eucharist, can we attain that state of purity so necessary for marital happiness.


Miroslaw Rucki


Dear married couples! We urge you to persevere in your efforts to remain together, to learn about each other and understand one another more profoundly. Our society stands in desperate need of married couples who will undertake this effort. We therefore urge you to become members of our community of Pure Hearts. The Movement of Pure Hearts reminds married couples that they are not alone in this journey, that other couples are overcoming the same difficulties, and that they can strengthen each other through prayer and example.

To join MPHMC, all you need is a desire to walk with Jesus, who then becomes the head of your family. Again we invite you to go together to Confession, receive Holy Communion, and say the Prayer of Pure Hearts:


Lord Jesus, we consecrate our marriage to you: our minds, our memories, our bodies, and souls. Teach us to love each other and our children with the love that flows from Your Merciful Heart. Lord Jesus Christ, grant us a pure heart modeled upon yours, that together we may perfect a love that is wise, generous, faithful, and free from self-interest, a love that steadfastly upholds your laws and commandments. May daily family prayer, the rosary, the chaplet of divine mercy, Holy Mass, and frequent reception of the Eucharist assist us in this endeavor. May we immediately confess every serious sin through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Grant that we may continually draw on the graces that you make available to us through the Sacrament of Marriage.

Lord Jesus, be master of our hearts. Teach us to control our sexual desires and feelings, that our love for each other and our children may not be subject to our moods and emotional states. Rather, may our love be a continual expression of our care and solicitude for each other. Grant us the gift of pure conjugal love, that we may give of ourselves generously. Cleanse our love of all selfishness, that we may always forgive and pray for each other without nursing grudges. To remain pure in heart, we promise never to read, buy, or look at pornographic materials. We promise never to use contraceptives and always to be ready to accept every child that God may send us. Lord, help us to avoid everything that ensnares, enslaves, or incites to evil.

Mary, our Mother, guide us in our journey of faith. Lead us to the very Source of Love—to Jesus, that we may trust and believe in Him alone. After the example of Servant of God, John Paul II, we entrust ourselves to you: Totus Tuus, Mary! To your Immaculate Heart we confide our entire self, all that we are, every step we take, and every minute of our lives. Amen!”


Dear married couples! Please inform the editors of your decision to join the Movement of Pure Hearts. Send us your address, dates of birth, and the date you joined MPH. We in turn will inscribe your names in The Book of Pure Hearts, and then send you our special blessing. Take heart and God bless!


Fr. Mieczyslaw Piotrowski

& the editorial team


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