Mary's Promise

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The way of faith is not easy, but God constantly helps those who entrust themselves to Him. He does this through Mary. He confided her to us as our Mother when she stood under the cross that bore His Son, and she, with immense love in her heart, accepted all of mankind from His hands. She rejects no one, but accepts all those who have recourse to her.

“You must strike a medallion according to this design. All those who wear it about their neck with trust shall enjoy a great abundance of graces”

It was an unremarkable French afternoon on November 27, 1830. A young novice, Sister Catherine Labouré, was engrossed in deep contemplative silence. Suddenly she heard the swish of a silk gown. When she turned round, she saw the Mother of God standing on a hemisphere, with a serpent under her feet. In her hands she held a golden ball surmounted by a small cross, representing the world, which she was offering to God. Beams of light emanated from rings on her fingers. “I cannot describe what I felt when I saw the beauty and splendor of those dazzling rays”— recounted Catherine. “The Lady said: ‘They represent the graces I impart to those who ask for them.’ I then realized what a good thing it was to pray to the Blessed Virgin. (…) The voice went on to say: ‘The jewels that do not give off shining rays stand for the graces for which people have neglected to ask.’”

After a while, there appeared around Mary’s figure a golden oval inscription: O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. The Madonna said: “You must strike a medallion according to this design. All those who wear it about their neck with trust shall enjoy a great abundance of graces.” Catherine also saw the reverse side of the medal, which bore the Blessed Virgin Mary’s monogram, a cross, and beneath it, the two hearts of Jesus and Mary—the one encircled by a crown of thorns recalling Christ’s passion and redeeming death, the other pierced by a sword after the prophecy given to Mary: “And a sword will pierce through your own soul also, that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed” (Luke 2:35).
This extraordinary Marian promise connected with the Miraculous Medal, Catherine conveyed to her confessor. Ever since then, all those who flee to Mary in a spirit of trust and wear this medal as a sign of their total devotion to her, have been the beneficiaries of her special intercession. There have been many incidents of cures, healings, and spectacular conversions. These include the story of Claude Newman, a twentyyear- old black boy who had been condemned to death.

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