He reminds us about the existence of God

Author: Fr Mieczysław Piotrowski S.Chr.

St Charbel is a great mystery for the world of science, and for all of us an evident sign pointing to the existence of God. 117 years have passed since the death of this Lebanese hermit, but his body is not decaying. Thanks to his intercession, spectacular healings and conversions continue to take place.

On 24 December 1898, the first night after the funeral of St Charbel, a brilliant light of unknown origin appeared over his grave. Like lightning, it burned and disappeared, and its rays were visible dozens of kilometres away. The phenomenon of the light recurred every night for a month-and-a-half from the day of St Charbel’s funeral. This extraordinary event was witnessed by monks and the residents of the nearby villages, both Christian and Muslim, who began a mass pilgrimage.


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