Saint Edith Stein on Love

Author: św. Edyta Stein


“Human love strives to keep the object of its affection for itself. A person who loves another as Jesus does, wishes that other to belong to God, not to himself. Of course, in this way, he ensures that he will keep his beloved forever. If we win a person for God, we are united together in God, whereas when we try to win another for ourselves, sooner or later we end up losing him.”

“Love is the freest of all things that exist. … The saints … who decide upon a heroic love of the enemy, experience the freedom of love. For a time human nature may resist, but it is powerless and cannot influence a decision driven by supernatural love. Most often it relents under the force of a superabundance of divine love that increasingly fills the soul. For love in its most supreme form is the surrendering of one’s life to the Beloved and being one with Him. When the soul does the will of God, she knows the Holy Spirit, Divine Life, God’s Love—that is, God Himself. For when the soul fulfills God’s will in the greatest sacrifice of the self, God’s Life becomes her inner life: by entering into herself, she finds God within.”


Saint Teresa Benedict of the Cross, Finite and Eternal Being,

Poznan, 1995, p. 424)



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