Cardinal Burke Addresses Cultural Crisis


Author: Radio Vaticana

Promotes Sacramental Life to Strengthen Christian Witness

Cardinal Raymond Burke is underlining the call to build a strong Catholic culture, to the point of being martyrs for the faith. 

The prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature stated this Friday in an address on "The Fall of the Christian West," organized by the Australian Catholic Students Association in Sydney.

He highlighted "our call to build anew a strong Catholic culture, in fidelity to our vocation to give witness to Christ and, therefore, to be martyrs for the faith."

The prelate focused in particular on the need to "witness to the truth regarding human sexuality, as fundamental to holiness of life, and to the question of conscience as the irreplaceable and secure guide in the pursuit of holiness of life."

"The life of the martyr for the faith finds its center and source in the Eucharistic sacrifice, in Eucharistic adoration, and in all forms of Eucharistic devotion, especially visits to the Blessed Sacrament and spiritual communion throughout the day," he affirmed.

The cardinal added, "The Holy Eucharist not only strengthens us spiritually to be true martyrs, but is the model of our martyrdom, pure and selfless love, without condition, to the end."

He continued, "The intimacy and courage needed to be a martyr of witness in the world today demand the intimacy with Christ, which can only come through the daily examination of conscience and act of contrition, and the regular meeting with him in the sacrament of penance."

"We recognize that it is Christ himself who makes it possible for us to pursue holiness, to be true martyrs," Cardinal Burke said.

He affirmed, "It is in following him faithfully and without reserve that we bring the light of truth to our world."



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