The very first military action of newly formed Iraqi state in 1933 was the massacre of thousands of Assyrian Christians. No wonder that in present times of unrest, the Christians suffer most.

Kidnapped Assyrian killed in Iraq despite ransom paid

A Christian glazier was abducted and killed in northern Iraq after his family had paid his kidnappers 15,000 dollars as a ransom for his release.

List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq in 2009

Compiled by Fred Aprim

The Church of Virgin Fatima was bombed in Mosul. The attacks came even though Assyrian Christian (also known as Chaldean and/or Syriac) sources warned of the impending attacks days ago.

New wave of persecution of Iraqi Christians

Radio Vaticana/Love one Another

Almost every day Iraqi Christians are killed, kidnaped or terrorized.

Year 2010 was hardest on Christians in Iraq

Mohammed Ibn Laith

The Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights revealed today that the year 2010 was the worst for the people of the Christian community in Iraq, and that in response to the continuation of the direct targeting of them they increased their migration out of Iraq.

Arch. Sako of Kirkuk: Attack will not stop our work for peace and harmony among religions

Radio Vaticana

A car bomb outside a Syro-Catholic church wounded 23 people on Tuesday morning, police said, as security forces found and disabled vehicles packed with explosives outside two other parishes in northern Iraq.

Attack against the Chaldean Archbishop’s Palace in Kirkuk

Joseph Mahmoud

Bishop Sako and his aides are safe. The terrorists were from Baghdad. Two are killed and one arrested. Their target was a Turkmen member of parliament whose home is near the Archbishop’s Palace. Sunni-Shia tensions rise.

Shiite Ayatollah Launches Fatwa: Iraqi Christians, Conversion to Islam or Death

The writing in the Iraqi flag says: "Allah akbar..."

Human Rights Report on Assyrians in Iraq

The Assyria Council of Europe (ACE) is an independent body that has been formed to take responsibility for raising awareness of the plight of Iraq’s Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans or Syriacs). ACE is concerned that if urgent action is not taken to alleviate the dire situation of the Assyrians in Iraq, then in the near future Iraq may be devoid of its native inhabitants. Furthermore, ACE believes that the European Union (EU), with its increasingly important role in Iraq, is in a good and important position to be able to contribute to the successful maintenance of Iraq’s indigenous minorities and that true democracy can only prosper in Iraq if it is based on plurality and the rule of law, principles the EU is itself built upon.

Push for Assyrian state in Iraq

While all Iraqi people groups have been affected by the post-American invasion, the worst to suffer have been the Assyrian Christians.

Probably There Is Not One Christian Now Left in Mosul...

A graphic account of the Islamist take-over of Mosul and the people’s desperate struggle to flee to safety has come from the city’s Chaldean bishop.

Iraqi Archbishop: Christians "fed up" with situation in the country

The new Iraqi parliament has convened amid international pressure on lawmakers to quickly choose a new prime minster who can confront the ISIS jihadist offensive that threatens to rip the country apart. The conflict left 2,400 civilians dead in June, many of them women and children, and the Islamists are threatening the capital.

The sign of hope

The broken Cross back on top of St. George Chaldean Church in Telesquf, Iraq

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