Violence against Christians was rather unusial in Asad's Syria. Today it is hard to survive here because of sectarian hate and violence...

Syria: Islamists demand ransom for priest's release

Vatican Radio

The Armenian Catholic Bishop of Aleppo, Bishop Marayati, is appealing for the release of Fr Michael Kayal who was kidnapped on 9th February last by an Islamic rebel group located some 30 kilometres from the city.

Mideast Christians unite in prayer for abducted bishops

Please join the prayer!

Syria: Young Christian killed and beheaded by jihadists

Islamist groups have killed and beheaded a young Christian man, seriously wounding another. The incident, which occurred on 8 January, has just been reported to Fides by a priest in the diocese of Homs.

Caritas says Syrian refugees in Lebanon face death from cold and disease

(Vatican Radio) A fierce winter snowstorm has heightened the misery and appalling living conditions facing most of the more than one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The President of Caritas Lebanon, Father Simon Faddoul says it’s certain that many Syrian refugees will die from cold and disease this coming winter and all of them are suffering right now. He spoke to Susy Hodges about their desperate plight.

Listen to the full interview with Father Faddoul: RealAudioMP3

War and ISIS Haven't Stopped People Going to Church in Syria

With a civil war that has torn the country apart and the Islamic State taking oppressive control of towns and cities, there is much cause for sorrow in Syria.

Over 200 hostages now face a Sharia court in Raqqa

These people have not done anything wrong and won’t harm anyone.

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