A society without children has no future!




A culture without children and without elderly people, is seriously warped and unable to function, said the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa. He made this affirmation on Sunday, when he celebrated Mass at the shrine of Liguria at the top of Mount Figogna. The prelate reflected on the beauty of fidelity and on the family.
Speaking of Italy's negative birthrate (-0.047%), the cardinal asserted that demographic balance is necessary for the physical survival of a community, which without children has no future. A society without babies and children, as well as a society without the elderly, is seriously mutilated and unable to function," the Italian Cardinal affirmed. Cardinal Bagnasco observed that the issue of falling birth rates is linked to cultural values. He said that in the cultural climate of today, couples and families seem to collapse before the blows of life. The efforts of every day seem tedious and without meaning, hence unbearable," he said and added. "The future loses value and the present is emphasized for what it promises of immediate satisfaction." The Italian prelate affirmed that the family is a "school of humanity and faith."



Source: www.radiovaticana.org/in2/Articolo.asp?c=419144

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