Benedict XVI about marriage and biotechnology



Pope Benedict on Monday expressed concern over the growing attempt to eliminate the Christian concept of marriage and family from the consciousness of society. He expressed his feelings in an address to Germany’s new ambassador to the Holy See, Walter Jünger, who presented his credentials to the Pope at a formal ceremony at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. The Pope said that marriage manifests itself as a lasting union of love between a man and a woman that always aims at transmitting human life. Another condition of marriage he said is the provision of partners in relating to each other forever. This requires a certain maturity of the person and a fundamental existential and social attitude. "In this sense - the Pope said - the Church cannot approve of legislative initiatives that involve a re-evaluation of alternative models of married life and family. This contributes to the weakening of the principles of natural law, thus relativizing all legislation and adds to confusion about values in society. When we begin to differentiate between worthy and unworthy forms of human life - and this often begins already in the womb - the Pope said no other phase of life will be spared, much less old age and infirmity. Speaking about new possibilities in bio biotechnology and medicine the Pope said it is our duty to carefully study how far these methods serve man and where they becomes human manipulation, violating his integrity and dignity. The Pope said, we cannot reject these developments, but we must be very vigilant.



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