Milujcie sie! has been published in Poland for almost a quarter of a century. For close to ten years, it has been one of the most popular Christian magazines in our country as well as countries abroad. It is aimed at readers of all ages, who wish to think, ponder the meaning of life, seek the truth and faith.

Founded by Fr. Tadeusz Myszczynski S.Chr., Milujcie sie! owes its rise to the Crusade for Love, which the then Primate of Poland, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, launched in 1967. The movement was a spiritual response to the decay of civic virtue and manners marking post-war Polish society – a microcosm of what has since become endemic in a world that has lost its spiritual bearings.

Fascinated by this initiative, Fr. Tadeusz sought to teach his flock how to live the greatest of the commandments as taught us by Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15: 12). He began by publishing materials reflecting the principles, actions, and moral teachings pertaining to the practice of true Christian charity. In 1975, he launched the first issue of Milujcie sie! At the time of his death in 1991, the magazine had a run of a little over 2000 copies. Since then, the magazine has enjoyed phenomenal growth and success due, no doubt, and in no small part, to the intercession of Fr. Tadeusz. Currently, the Polish edition of the magazine has a bimonthly run of 220,000 copies, and the demand for it grows apace. The response from the readers has been gratifying. Every day, letters, personal testimonies, and other clear signs of spiritual and physical cures Come pouring into the editor’s office. Thanks to the magazine, many readers have committed their lives to Jesus. Many have experienced healings from various addictions.

In 1999, the Society launched a Russian-language edition of its magazine entitled Lyubite Drug Druga. The latest issue had a run of 220,000 copies. Because of the difficult economic situation existing in the territories of the former Soviet Union, Lyubite Drug Druga is distributed free of charge. Letters to the editor detailing personal conversions and a return to God and the Faith abound. “Lyubite Drug Druga is a light in the darkness” writes Lena, a schoolteacher in Kazakhstan. “It is read by the young and elderly, believers and non-believers, Muslims and Christians alike. Everyone tells me it is a wonderful magazine filled with heart-stirring articles“. We have received a letter from a Moslem student in Kazakhstan. who informs us that the magazine played a significant role in her decision to seek reception into the Catholic Church. She is presently undergoing instruction in the faith in preparation for baptism.

Bishop Leon Dubravsky of KamenetsPodolsky, Ukraine, writes: “It is an ideal tool of evangelization (…) In my diocese in Ukraine, the Russian-language edition is of great importance in advancing the spiritual formation of our society, influencing the consciences, hearts, and ideological outlook of many. We use it as a prayer book as well as a religious knowledge resource. Its articles give us hope and strength in difficult situations. They point out and warn against dangers, and teach the people how to love God and their neighbor. Many thanks for your missionary activity. We look forward to reading future issues in the hope that they will introduce people to the Good News of Love. May the magazine become a landmark of the Universal Church in the East.

You have no idea – writes a joyful young reader – how many people you have brought back to God. Reading your testimonies and wonderful articles, one feels that God is using your magazine to bring sinners to the real fountain of His graces“.

Dear readers, it is also our wish to share our dearest treasure, our faith in Jesus Christ, with our English speaking brothers and sisters in North America and throughout the world. For this reason, we have decided to launch Love One Another Magazine.

We know that you have something to share with others. We therefore invite you to send us letters expressing your wishes and suggestions. Tell us about your experiences and your faith. Feel free, in other words, to become involved in the production of future issues of this magazine.

Love of God and our fellow human beings lies at the very heart of the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. That is why, in addition to its contents, the back of each issue of Love One Another highlights the principles of loving one’s neighbor. We invite every reader to read us, reflect a little, pray for mutual love between people, and then to pass this magazine on to others.

Fr. Andrew Maslejak, S.Chr. – Provincial