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Letters from Bishops

Mar 02, 2018 LOA Editorial Office

Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, Vatican:

“Thank you for the copies of Love One Another magazine, the first English language issue of Milujcie sie. It is good that it has appeared, since there is an interest and a need for this little magazine.

I wish you God’s blessings upon this manner of evangelization of the English-speaking countries. My sincere best wishes.”

November 11, 2003

Adam Cardinal Maida, Archbishop of Detroit:

“I am writing to inform you of my enthusiastic endorsement of this new Catholic magazine published by the Society of Christ – Love One Another. This magazine is the English version of a well-known Polish magazine, which has been very popular, not only in Poland, but also in Russia.

Published quarterly, Love One Another represents a special tool of evangelization among teenagers and young adults. Many of the articles are personal witness accounts of young people wrestling with life problems, searching for answers.

Your support of Love One Another magazine will assist the Society of Christ as they continue to evangelize in the countries of former Soviet Union.

With prayerful best wishes and hopes that you will consider subscribing to the periodical and encourage others to do so, (…).”

December 19, 2003

Most Reverend Joseph L. Imesch, Bishop of Joliet:

Dear Father Andrzej,
I received your recent letter and several copies of Love One Another, the English language translation of he same magazine published in Poland by the Society of Christ Missionary Fathers. I was very impressed with the magazine and congratulate you and the members of you Society for providing this wonderful evangelization effort. May the Lord bless your efforts.
With every best wish
Sincerely in Christ,
December 9, 2003

Cardinal Francis Eugene George, O.M.I. Archbishop of Chicago:

Dear Fr. Maslejak,
Thank you very much for sending me several copies of Love One Another, the Catholic family magazine published by the Society of Christ. I am very glad to know that this fine publication, which has strengthened the faith of Catholics in Poland and the countries of the former Soviet Bloc for several years, is now available in English. After reading though the issues that you sent, I am confident that Love One Another will also be welcomed by Catholics here in the United States.

Love One Another skillfully brings together in an attractive and very readable format a combination of catechetical articles, the contemporary witness of young Catholics, and stories of the lives of the saints. Because of this, I am confident that Love One Another will assist and encourage its readers to remain faithful as disciples of the Lord and seek to grow in holiness. With the help of God’s grace, it will also change them into evangelizing Catholics who are eager to introduce others to Christ in his Body, the Church.

I encourage Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago to consider making Love One Another part of their Catholic reading. Support of this publication will not only help them to live our faith more fully, it will also enable the Society of Christ to sustain and expand their evangelization efforts in the former Soviet Bloc. May God bless the efforts of the Society of Christ for responding to Christ’s missionary mandate through the publication of Love One Another.

With prayerful best wishes and hopes that you will consider subscribing to the periodical and encourage others to do so, (…).”

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I. Archbishop of Chicago
September 12, 2005

Most Reverend Patrick J. McGrath, Bishop of San Jose

Dear Father Maslejak:
Please allow me this opportunity to thank you for the six copies of the English translation of Love One Another, the Magazine that is published by the Society of Christ Missionary Fathers. I have been able to look through the magazine and am very pleased with the publication. It is both attractive and appealing.

I congratulate you and your religious congregation on this fine work. Be assured of my ongoing support for you and for the work of your congregation.
With every best wish and kind regard, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Patrick J. McGrath
Bishop of San Jose, CA
February 8, 2005