Help us evangelize the world and spread the love of Jesus Christ!

Do you like Love One Another Magazine? Are you interested in helping us evangelize your parish? Your school? Maybe even your town? Be courageous. God is asking you to help Him carry out His work! Look deep into your heart. Don’t you want other people your age to meet Jesus as well? You can help by making this great magazine available to them. Let Jesus teach you how to love with that love that awaits us in eternity. Learn how to love and infect others with this beautiful and marvelous gift of God’s grace. Do not be afraid. Jesus is there to lead you.

We invite you to share in the work of our magazine. We are the only magazine in the USA that reaches its readers through the active involvement of volunteers such as yourself, who are interested in spreading the love of Christ. By agreeing to distribute our magazine you are building up the Kingdom of God on earth. Thanks to your work and sacrifice, our magazine is able to reach many people in difficult situations free of charge. All the money earned from this venture makes it possible for us to publish one Russian-language edition of our magazine per year and distribute it throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Subscriptions to LOA are still not high enough to cover publication costs in the USA. That is why we are asking you to help us in the distribution of this magazine. We need help in reaching the parish priests of your neighborhood, Catholic school principals, religion and theology teachers, small storeowners, in fact, wherever the Holy Spirit leads you.

Come on Board!

Since interest in Love One Another is constantly growing and the need for getting it to new destinations increases, we would greatly welcome your involvement in our evangelizing work. We need you to see to it that copies of this magazine are placed in the hands of those interested in reading it. Please let us know if you are ready to help us.

God Bless.