The gift of conversion

I am writing this testimony more than four years after my conversion. I would like to express my gratitude to God for the countless gifts I have received from Him and to proclaim the greatness of His mercy.

In the early days of my youth, I completely drifted away from God and His teachings. One after the other, the following things came into my life: cigarettes, alcohol, sins against chastity, cursing and hostility. I continued a relationship with a girl without the sacrament of marriage. I was in depression and experienced greater feelings of loneliness as well as increasing hatred towards everyone and everything around me. I was convinced that my life would not bring anything good. In the meantime, my long-term relationship fell apart, and my world lay in ruins. “It is over”, I thought. It turned out, however, that it was God who was making a place for Himself.

My gradual return to the Church began. A few months later, I met a wonderful girl, who in time became my wife. I had forgotten that once I had prayed for a loving wife, but God remembers. He gave her to me at a crucial moment in my life, so that thanks to her prayers and “spiritual guidance” I was led to have my general confession (at the age of twenty-four, I confessed for only the third time in my life!) and gradually accepted Jesus as my only Lord.

In His mercy and desire to strengthen my renewed faith, the Heavenly Physician wanted to cure my eyes. For seven years, I suffered from Dry Eye Syndrome, a severe and incurable eye disease. My retina even started to peel off, while a blind spot started to appear around the cornea, which may lead to the loss of sight. God has healed me, and I don’t use medication anymore. The ophthalmologist confirmed that the changes in my eyeball have completely withdrawn. Praise be the Lord Jesus!

However, the most beautiful miracle is yet to come. It turned out that my wife suffers from many gynaecological diseases, which caused the loss of our first child. Later on, she had to undergo a couple of surgical operations. According to the medical doctor and professor with whom we consulted, it was impossible for her to conceive and give birth to another baby. But thanks to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the novena prayers to Our Lady of Pompeii, we have a healthy son. Paul Joseph became a visible sign of God’s blessing in our family.

We have continued to experience God’s graces in what, to human understanding, are hopeless situations. Thanks to the exorcist whom I met unexpectedly after many years of waiting, I was set free from the spiritual consequences of my sins committed in the past, especially those which were attached to occultism. Today, in the freedom of being a child of God, I can love and serve my family. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of conversion and for healing me and my family. I wish people will believe in your endless mercy, even in an imperfect way, like I did. You do not judge or keep a record of our sins, because you are pure goodness and you are merciful towards sinners. Praise be to You, oh Lord – always and everywhere.