To trust in God

Life is a miracle! God doesn’t accept the killing of babies

I think back on these experiences to give praise and thanks to God, who transforms everything in life for the better for those who love Him (cf. Rom 8:28). When my husband abandoned me for another woman, I was left alone with three children. I thought my life was finished. I fell into depression and wanted to disappear from the face of the earth. Other people tried to support me and encourage me to go on, but I wasn’t in any state to listen to anyone. Friends who saw my depression invited me to a charismatic group called “Renewal in the Holy Spirit”, which prayed for me. Soon, I found a good job, thanks to which I could support myself and raise the children.

After some time, I found out that my daughter was expecting a baby, even though she was barely sixteen years old. My first thought was “abortion”! How was I supposed to take care of another child? What would people say? I took her to the doctor myself to perform the “pregnancy termination”. But the doctor said that abortion was dangerous because the pregnancy was already advanced. He let me listen to the baby’s heartbeat and said the words that I heard as though they were in a dream: “you’re going to be a grandmother”!

We went out into the empty street and a great pain welled up in my heart: how could I have been so selfish? The baby’s heartbeat continued to resonate in my ears. I couldn’t forgive myself for having wanted to kill him. I contacted a priest, who told me: “You will be the first person who will take that baby in your arms after he’s born, and you will love him from the first moment that you see him. And your daughter will have to apologise to the baby and wait for the day when his father returns. All you can do is pray and Pray and trust! Suddenly I could see that the key to resolving my problems was prayer. After four months, Luke was born – the most beautiful and sweetest baby in the world. I cuddled him with the greatest care. I was the first person to hold him! I was very moved and burst into tears, but they were tears of joy. Now I know that life is a miracle and God doesn’t accept the killing of babies.


I’m afraid to think that we could have destroyed everything. We hired a nanny so that my daughter could finish school. Life slowly returned to normal. After a while, my daughter met a boy who thought seriously about marrying her. I was very much afraid for her future; I didn’t want to go through any more suffering. On Good Friday 2012, on my way home from work, I stopped at the church. I started praying the Novena to Divine Mercy with the intention that my daughter not make a bad choice. Three days after I had begun the novena, the father of our Luke called and indicated that he wanted to see his son. However, two years had passed since his birth, and in that time he had never visited or even said a word! On the seventh day of the novena, my husband called to tell me that he had sent 200 euro to be credited for overdue alimony, even though I had never said anything to him about it and had never taken any legal steps. That same day, Luke’s father came to see him. I was very upset that he had showed up after such a long time, but we decided to allow him to see the child. It started to rain very hard, so we invited him into the house. I didn’t want to ask, but now he asked for my daughter’s hand. After four months, they married. I’m happy to see their love.

I love my grandson very much. I can’t imagine life without him. A day doesn’t pass that I don’t thank God, who always manages to change our lives for the better. To move forward, we only have to trust and pray persistently.

Maria C., 45, Romania