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When the Lord speaks to the heart

Apr 23, 2016 LOA Editorial Office

Here we present a selection of the notes made by Fr Gaston Courtois, who died in 1970. He wrote them down during prayer. They take the original form of advice and guidelines given by Jesus and the Mother of God.

Jesus says: “Listen to Me and speak to Me”

[22] “Call on Me as the Light that can enlighten your mind, as the Fire that can kindle your heart, as the Force that can restore your strength. Call on me first of all as the Friend who wants to share with you everything you live by, as the Saviour who wishes to cleanse your soul of selfishness, as the God who wants to immerse you in Himself, already here on earth, before you completely submerge in the eternal light.

[23] Call Me. Love Me. May you be permeated by the assurance that you have been loved madly, just as you are, with all your limitations and misery, because you are to become what I want, that is, a glowing torch of God’s love. Then you will instinctively think more about Me and about others than about yourself. Quite naturally, you will live more for Me and for others than for yourself. In moments of minor daily choices, you will choose Me and others instead of yourself. You will live in divine communion with Me and at the same time with your neighbours. You will allow Me to use you more and more as a sign of unity between my Father in heaven and my brothers on earth.

[24] Talk to Me before you say anything about Me to people. Talk to Me normally, with simplicity and with a smile: “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). What can people say about Me, those who say what they themselves think of Me and not what I would like to tell people about Myself, since even among Christians so many false opinions are circulated about Me, let alone among those who say that they do not believe in Me?

I want to be a Friend to everyone. Let undue concerns be silenced within you, cease worrying about minor issues and reject barren anxiety

[25] I am not a torturer or ruthless. Oh, if only people wished to see in Me someone living, familiar and loving! I want to be a Friend to everyone, but so few see a Friend in Me! They judge Me and condemn Me, even though they do not know Me! They erase me from their horizon. I practically do not exist for them, and yet I am here, constantly endowing them with goods whose origin they do not even guess. All that they are, all that they have, all the good that they do, they owe to Me. Only those who are maintain inner silence can hear Me.

[26] Let silence fall upon the demons within you: pride, the lust for power, the spirit of domination over others, aggressiveness, various forms of eroticism, which obscure the mind and harden the heart. Let undue concerns be silenced within you, cease worrying about minor issues and reject barren anxiety.

[27] Let needless distraction, self-seeking and severe judgments be silenced within you. Yet even that is not enough. Desire for My thoughts to penetrate your mind and gently reign over your intellect. In particular, defend yourself against impatience, do not do anything by force, but be available and open, fully determined to keep my word and enact it. It is the seed of truth, light and happiness. It is the seed of immortality, which transforms the smallest things and humblest gestures on earth. When you receive the word and taste it, you will not forget its value and savour, because you will learn how precious it is. You will be willing to sacrifice for it many of the minor concerns which now seem necessary to you.”