From the spiritual diaries of Alicja Lenczewska

Jesus said: “My child, tell my children that the attacks of evil are mounting and no person on earth is protected well enough not to have to try their best to escape the destructive power of evil.”

Revealing true colours

This is the time of selection, revealing one’s true colours and choosing sides: that of God or of Satan. The loftier the vocation you have received from me, the greater the effort you need to choose between what the world, including Satan, offers and what is consistent with my will, set out in the Gospel.

You cannot, whilst consciously standing by me and declaring faithfulness to me, at the same time make any concessions to sin, which is always rooted in Satan. Likewise, no allowance should be made for the weaknesses of human nature or worldly temptations. Since the torrent of evil inundates the world, refuge can be found only in prayer, penance and acts of mercy towards fellow men whose souls are similarly endangered.

My Love for you was conceived before the act of creation, and I begat you out of Love

To avoid being led astray by Satan, you must remain in the state of sanctifying grace and prayer, and continually call my name and reside in the Church, availing yourself of the plenitude of my gifts offered there.

You must not be afraid, but cling to my Wounds with all your strength and call for my Mercy at the hour of judgment on the world, which continues now and draws to a final resolution. The resolution is taking place in the heart of every man, and every man passes judgment on himself by the choices he makes every moment and the attitude he adopts towards his brothers.

Minor things, seemingly insignificant acts, lead ever more deeply in one of two directions: in the direction of God or in that of Satan, who, like a spider, ensnares his prey with an increasingly tighter web of illusion and blinding of those who are not faithful to me in their everyday life” (3 April 1994, Easter).

I hide myself so that I do not captivate you with the magnificence of my gift

“I desire that you be happy in a way that no man can imagine or sense. The entire history of mankind and of every man is conducted by me in such a way so that you are prepared to be united with me in eternity. Now you can meet me in prayer and meditation upon my life, Word, and signs I have given you and continue to give. The most telling sign is my presence in the Eucharist. I am hidden in the Host, and by its consumption, a soul meets me, alive and real, although hidden from the mind and the senses of the body.

You can come to know and touch me with a loving and confident heart — the heart of a child. The greater your faith and love, the stronger your unity with me and the deeper your knowledge of me.

Beware of mindless and indifferent acceptance of me in the Holy Communion. This is a great sin and profanation of my Love and my Gift born in the Blood of Golgotha.

My child, how much I have to hide myself in order not to burn your soul with the fire of my Love and not to kill your body with the power of my Fatherly tenderness. Why, I love so much and desire to be loved” (3 April 2002).

The stratagem of Satan’s minions

“The aim of Satan’s minions active in the world is to deceive as many souls as possible and cast them into the abyss of the Evil One. Their activity encompasses all the spheres of human life from birth until the last moments in this world. It affects all God’s creations, in order to destroy, distort and cast them before Lucifer, desirous of power and revenge on God and his creations.

I use Love and Truth, which I am, and I lead towards unity. My enemy employs hatred and falsehood

Hence it is necessary to reveal to my chosen children the principal aspects and manifestations of the Evil One’s activity.

St Paul said that the main struggle since the beginning of the world had been fought on the level of spiritual elements. The external activity of evil is directed at subduing human souls, which have been given eternal life and are destined to live in God. Life on earth is a preparation for eternal life and also a free choice of the quality of that life in unity either with God or Satan.

I use Love and Truth, which I am, and I lead towards unity. My enemy employs hatred and falsehood, which are the core of his being, and he leads towards discord. You must therefore don the whole spiritual armour that St Paul mentions (Eph. 6:10–18) and cast away everything that has so much as the appearance of evil.

The spheres of life that particularly come under attack are the heart, mind and body.

The heart is attacked by pride, vanity, ruthlessness, fear, rejection of spirituality, crudeness and selfishness.

The mind is harassed by foolishness, superficiality, illusions, falsehood, mistrust and ignorance.

The body is assailed by the belief that it is the supreme value. The body of a woman is particularly exposed to attack due to its commercialisation and the conviction that it is a source of pleasure.

Satan’s activity covers:

1. Culture and art (music, fine arts, literature), fashion, interests, lifestyles and the hierarchy of values (materialism).

2. Religion — it is replaced with pagan religions ultimately aimed at introducing the cult of Satan, served by sects, superstitions, occultism, magic, etc. and Satanism as the cult of the so-called good god who is Lucifer.

3. Social conditions — the control and enslavement of people, globalism, the manipulation of consciousness, widespread poverty, elites of power and wealth, plundering. The deification of man, of his powers, and his usurping the right to decide about life (creation and destruction), good and evil. Moreover, the work of Satan is seen in the dehumanisation of man by stripping him of the dignity of God’s child, by humiliation, degradation, the glorification of animals, manipulation and sadism.

The aim is the so-called new world — the New Age — built on principles that are the opposites of natural and divine law, having a totalitarian world government, making use of modern technologies. This is the so-called new order established by the Church of Satan.

The fruits are visible even to rather unthinking people, even though systematic work is carried out to lower people’s sensitivity, increase indifference and deepen the sense of helplessness, so that people become accustomed to perversion, evil and cruelty and consider it all normal or even a sign of the progress of civilisation. This is the wholesale fooling of people and pushing them into Satan’s clutches or even making them head there themselves. You, my faithful children, are called to victory with me and the Virgin Mary, participation in the renewal of the face of the earth and my triumph in human souls, thanks to your trust and heroic dedication” (23 May 2002).

This is the wholesale fooling of people and pushing them into Satan’s clutches or even making them head there themselves

Where do you stand?

“The purpose of your life and calling is to love me and every man — my every child born out of love and for love. My greatest pain is to be abandoned by my children. I am lonely and abandoned as when I hung from the Cross on Golgotha. That scene and that scenery endure and grow increasingly graphic from day to day: there is an indifferent crowd, there are inquisitive onlookers avidly gaping at blood, there are enemies delighting in their triumphant hatred. They are many in number.

Next to me, there are only my Mother, her sisters, a young man loving me sincerely and a converted sinner calling for mercy at the hour of death. Where do you stand? With whom do you identify on this contemporary Golgotha which is the world and those wishing to kill me, in order to pronounce themselves gods?

The lust for power is a satanic trait. Now Satan through his minions openly fights with me in my people and my apostles and prepares a modern-day Golgotha for my Church.

On Golgotha died that which came from the world. In agony, my earthly body suffered and died.

I did not die — I resurrected and assumed a Body taken from heaven — from my Father.

Likewise, my Church will give back in pain what it has taken from the world. Moreover, it will appear to be dead. Satan and his minions will rejoice — as they did then in Jerusalem. But the time of their apparent victory will be short, because the day will dawn when the Holy Church will resurrect, immortal and begetting new Life on earth — the sanctity of my children” (11 November 2000).

Mary’s Immaculate Heart shall prevail

“The Immaculate Heart of my Mother shall prevail. She is mother of the Church, which is always holy, regardless of the sins and betrayal of many of the Church’s children. I am the holiness of the Church, as are my apostles, my dedicated servants who in the sacrifice of their martyrdom are the foundation, walls and vault of my temple. In it, I am alive and true, in it, through my servants, I feed my children, restore them to life and guide them to the House of the Father.

My Church suffers as I did. It is wounded and bleeding as I was and as I marked the way to Golgotha with my blood. It is spat at and defiled as my body was spat at and manhandled. It staggers and falls as I did under the burden of the Cross as it carries the Cross of my children over years and ages. It rises again and continues towards Resurrection

via Golgotha and the Crucifixion of so many saints. But the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, because the wisdom and power of God’s Spirit guides it through the heart and mind of my vicar on earth and his faithful associates.

The dawn and spring of the Holy Church approach, the anti-Church and its founder, the Antichrist, notwithstanding. Although there are Lucifer’s prophets and priests, supported by a disciplined army of freemasons and many cells and organisations at their service, the Holy Church will prevail. Its dawn is nigh, despite the worldly Sanhedrin in charge of the Church of Satan on earth and despite the control over governments and riches that it gained and the corruption of everything that it has brought about and its steering of the world to its ruin.

The Antichrist is not God. He cannot create anything. He only desires to destroy what God created. Mimicking God, he hurts, injures, distorts, and poisons with the venom of fear, pain and death.

The anti-Church is the reverse of the true Church in its structures, purposes and actions.

In the place of Life is death, in the place of Truth is falsehood, in the place of Love — hatred, in the place of Forgiveness — revenge, in the place of Freedom — enslavement, in the place of Humility — pride, in the place of Mercy — cruelty. One could go on listing all the spiritual virtues contained in the Gospel and identify their opposites, which form the teachings and actions of those who fight against my Church and my beloved suffering children. The road to salvation passes through the cleansing of the world and of every child of this earth of the satanic venom of the original sin.

Cleansing will be given, which will bring to the light of God’s Truth the lies of the sons of darkness, and every person, guided by his or her will, faced with this truth, will have to choose between the Kingdom of my Father and submitting to the father of lies for eternity.

The world will be freed from the web of the Great Harlot of the Antichrist’s Church and of those who have served him among my children.

The world will be freed from the web of the Great Harlot of the Antichrist’s Church

Mary is the one who brings about the revival of my Church, so that it can shine God’s Holiness undimmed. The present time requires of the children of Truth heroic faith, hope and love. You have to identify the signs of the times in the light of prayer and the Divine Word and answer the calls of my Mother and those of my beloved servant John Paul II, and pray and do penance in the intention of saving my lost children” (8 June 2002).

“Christians and the Church must be crucified, so that my sacrifice is completed and mankind is resurrected in the Holy Spirit. I shall die again in my people, so that the Holy Spirit can revive mankind. This is the time of the sacrifice of the Church — the time of the sacrifice of Christians, the time of the sacrifice of my Body, which the Church is, on the Cross. That is why a testimony of faith is necessary, together with prayer and mortification, in the intention of saving mankind and the world from perdition.

The Church must die in order to be born anew through resurrection in the full power of God and shine with the blaze of the Holy Spirit […]” (15 February 2000).

“The escalation of evil must come to pass. Just as it did in respect of me two thousand years ago, it strives to reach a climax in respect of my Church and many faithful children of mine now. Then there will be a miracle of the resurrection of faith and love, when I intervene with might to put an end to the rule of Satan and his minions” (29 April 2006).