2016-36 Alicja Lenczewska Divine Mercy

Have confidence in God’s mercy!

Oct 07, 2016 Testimony

When it seemed to me that the doctors could do no more to help me, I turned for help to a bioenergotherapist

Everything seemed fine. A loving and mutually respectful marriage, the birth of a second child … then suddenly an illness crept in. Our daughter was four and a half months old when she ended up in hospital. It was apparently nothing serious, merely diarrhoea, but the cause could not be found. Our child stopped growing. After a month, I thought that I was losing her, as another change of medicines failed to help. Finally, somehow we managed to get back to normal, but not for long. I don’t want to bore readers with descriptions of the ailments that followed. Let me just say briefly that over a year, our child was treated with strong antibiotics seven times and was in hospital three times. I was a nervous wreck. I was seeking help from a succession of professionals with increasingly important titles, but our child was still sick.

When it seemed to me that the doctors could do no more to help me, I turned for help to a female bioenergotherapist. At first I had doubts, but when our daughter started to get sick without a fever, which meant her body stopped defending itself, I went to see her. I was surprised that initially she asked me not to take the child for any tests the next day, because they might be bad after such an intervention. We went there one more time, and then I got hold of your magazine, where I read that consulting a bioenergotherapist is a sin. We stopped going there. After some time, our little daughter began crying in her sleep, as she usually would at the beginning of her many illnesses. I thought “here we go again”, and I began to pray fervently to God’s mercy for the health of our daughter. I find it hard to believe today, but she then stopped crying. Since then, every day I have prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and my child’s most serious sickness has been a runny nose.

I wrote this testimony for two important reasons. First, to testify how merciful God is; secondly, to warn readers not to use the services of bioenergotherapists. Have confidence in God’s mercy, it is really there!