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The Kinsey Reports – a huge lie about sexuality

Mar 16, 2017 Małgorzata Sołtyk

In the 1940s, the United States was outraged by the shocking results of research done about the sexuality of society at that time. They showed that most Americans broke prevailing moral rules, that is, that they did not adhere to Christian morality in the sexual sphere.

The author of the research, Alfred Kinsey, was an American entomologist (a scientist that studies insects) who resolved to take up research into human sexual behavior. This fact would have been laughable if it had not had tragic consequences such as the sexual revolution, exerting impact on the culture, science and customs of societies to this very day.

Let’s do some research!

Kinsey worked at Indiana University and studied one of the species of wasps. He obtained permission to coordinate a new course on marriage and began offering sexual counseling. Having found that there was little research on human sexual behavior available, he began to collect them himself. To carry out his plan, Kinsey obtained permission from his university to conduct research into animal sexuality, although in reality he intended to study humans.

Poor grain will produce poor crop

Already when a student, Kinsey rejected Christian faith and morality and his later work in sexology reflected his own depraved life. For any manifestation of sexuality (including homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia, incest, or even zoophilia), he considered natural and as such moral, except for monogamy, which he believed to be unnatural and bad. He created such concepts as “broadly understood sex” and “intergenerational sex”, as well as developed a scale named after him on which heterosexuality and homosexuality are two extremes separated by several forms of bisexuality, allegedly the most normal in a human being. What is more, Kinsey separated love from the sexual act and ignored the former in his research by treating the sexuality of a human being in a purely technical manner. His entire research into human sexuality was aimed at bearing out the theses he had proposed earlier, despite the fact that they were wrong.

The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male used data collected from about 5,000 men, of which 25 per cent were prisoners (among which sexual offenders were overrepresented)

The choice of his collaborators may also raise doubts. A condition for admitting applicants to the team was giving Kinsey a description of one’s own sexual experiences on the basis of which he concluded if the applicant had rejected all taboos, inhibitions and a sense of guilt, he was thus a suitable candidate to work on the project.

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