Trust in Divine Mercy

The doctor told me that in his entire professional career, he hadn’t had such a case of a newborn baby in a critical condition, with severe sepsis (CRP of 240) and meningitis, not only surviving but also leaving the hospital completely healthy!

When labor pains started, I called the hospital that I had chosen to give birth in. I was told over the phone that there was a lot of space and that I could come over without any problem. I waited a suitable time for the contractions to grow stronger and set out for the hospital 30 km away. However, upon reaching it, I was told I could not be admitted because there was not enough space. Contractions were coming every four minutes. The doctor on duty wanted to have me transported to the closest hospital but I did not agree, because it did not have infant life-saving equipment needed in emergencies. It simply had a delivery ward, but there was no Intensive Care Unit. For this reason, I decided to go to a safer hospital 40 km away. After all, there was no other choice and, although I did not expect anything bad, I set out on this long trip. As it turned out later, this was a salutary decision.

I got to the delivery ward at the very last moment and gave birth to a beautiful boy. All his life functions were preserved; he breathed on his own and was agile, scoring 9 out of 10 points on the Apgar scale. Only one point was taken away for the pale color of his skin. For this reason and above all because I had reported I had flu, more specific blood tests were done on my child.

Initially, it seemed that everything was all right, but my son was getting weaker by the hour. Soon, he was too weak to drink milk. We did not get any sleep the night after birth. In the morning, after the results of blood culture tests arrived, my child was taken to the ICU right away. He was diagnosed with severe sepsis. My son was put in an incubator and the struggle for his life began. The doctors were not able to assure me that the child would live. I begged the doctors and nurses for a glimmer of hope but they, trying to be honest, could not offer me any consolation. The little boy was given antibiotics on spec, because if we had waited for an antibiogram, we could have lost him. Anyway, the doctors said that they realized at the very last minute how very ill my child was. It turned out later that they guessed right with medications, but before we knew this we had to go through days of terrible anxiety for his life.

The doctors were preparing me for the worst. They kept telling me that even if my little boy would live – and they had never before seen a newborn baby in such a bad condition survive – he would be disabled mentally and/or physically. Bacteria had spread all over the baby’s organism. They were in his blood stream; they reached the brain, causing meningitis, and affected his internal organs which – if my little boy was to survive – would never work as they should.

We waited and prayed. Many families, friends, religious orders and priests entreated heaven. Masses and novenas were said and fasts offered in my son’s intention. After the first shock – for after all I was careful to do all the tests while pregnant – I realized that it had to be all right, because already during pregnancy I had started a Pompeii Novena in the intention of a happy delivery and the health of the child. After giving birth, I continued the thanksgiving part of the Novena. What then was there to be afraid of? Only place trust… Every day, we recited the Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayed the rosary and contemplated the Scriptures. We prayed to the Virgin Mary, who was also asked to heal our son by some friends of ours, who happened to be in Fatima. I felt I had prayer support on all sides. We also approached Father Pio and St. Michael the Archangel for help.

At a certain moment, the state my son was in began to improve. After several days, however, it deteriorated again, which surprised the doctors a lot. They could not find the cause of this sudden deterioration, which unfortunately was getting worse. They could not think of what else could be done. I then said to St. Michael the Archangel: “My son is falling down. If you just grab him by his heel and save him – he will be already yours, not mine.” By saying “by his heel”, I meant any form of rescue. I wanted my son to live; I did not care about his possible disability. All I wanted was to keep my son alive …

Next day, a doctor came to see me and said: “He has turned the corner.” From then on, my son’s condition continued to improve without any hindrance. Our room was visited by doctors and nurses from the entire ward who came to see a miracle. My son spent a whole month in the hospital. Towards the end of this stay, we were visited by the department head, a doctor about 60 years old. He told me that in his entire professional career, he hadn’t had such a case of a newborn baby in a critical condition, with severe sepsis (CRP of 240) and meningitis, not only surviving but also leaving the hospital completely healthy! The nurses also said they had never witnessed anything similar. One even said: “You must have a strong support up there.” We placed our trust in Mary. Through the strength of prayer and trust in Divine Mercy, we successfully pleaded to have my son completely and permanently healed. Throughout this difficult time we placed our trust in Jesus. I told him I would accept his will whatever it would be but I trusted that my little son would live. And not only does he live, but we have also received much more: he is healthy and belongs to Michael the Archangel …

God did not let me give birth in the hospital I first went to, because they did not do blood culture tests there that helped doctors to identify sepsis in my child. The Lord directed me to the hospital with an ICU for infants, excellent equipment and first-class medical personnel. He made me cautious and stubborn enough not to go to a nearby hospital (although I had contractions every four minutes), but to one where they quickly noticed that there was something wrong going on with the child. Had I given birth in another hospital, my son would have died within 48 hours of his birth. For he did not show typical symptoms of sepsis. His condition could be identified only using specific blood tests. God had guided us.

After leaving the hospital, we had to do a number of special tests. This took two years. All the tests have confirmed that my son is 100 percent healthy. There is no trace of the disease! He is mentally and physically able. What is more, he greatly enjoys life and radiates healthy energy. When we were having an ultrasound scan of his brain and internal organs done by a world-famous (!) doctor, the latter said that the hospital medical record and other ultrasound scans (from the time of hospital stay) suggested that the son had to be “spoiled” (these are the doctor’s words) – his kidneys, liver and brain should not work at all. Meanwhile, the doctor saw ideally healthy organs on his ultrasound scanner. The healing of my son was not merely a fleeting improvement – this is a permanent change erasing everything that was ill in his body. Today, he is a five-year-old and walking proof of Divine Mercy.

The doctor said that in his whole career he had not seen such a case, where a newborn who was in critical condtion, with sepsis and meningitis not only survived, but left the hospital in full health

I know that the good God listened to our pleading, because he was asked by the Virgin Mary and other saints; special care, too, was extended over our child by St. Michael the Archangel. I also know that I have been given my son on deposit so to speak. In reality, he is his – Archangel Michael’s. It would be interesting to know what his plans for our son are … Today, Archangel Michael is my son’s favorite saint. One day (when he was four), he was asked to choose one picture from the whole pile of pictures of saints. He would pick and choose but when he hit on St. Michael – he had no doubts. He took this picture with a smile and hugged it.

It you think there is no hope for you anymore, because this is what everybody is telling you – we were told this by doctors; if you are frightened that you are going to lose something most valuable – I was frightened too; if you think you cannot cope anymore alone (this is an illusion – we were supported by many people, about some we learned much later); if you feel you have no choice: have trust against all odds. God is greater than your illness, addiction, trouble, or fear. Believe, have courage to ask for much, for the most. Trust the Lord.

I thank the Lord, Mary and all saints, in particular, St. Father Pio, St. John Paul II and St. Michael the Archangel for the multitude of graces they keep conferring on me. Through the Pompeii Novena, I have attained many graces in my life: a job for me and my husband, the health and life of our little son and many others. God has saved me twice from an accident and keeps giving me signs of his care.