2017-41 Suffering and Love Testimonies

Fidelity in Suffering

Dec 27, 2017 Testimony

The majesty of Bożena’s suffering overwhelmed me. I understood that my hands are empty, while hers are filled with the highest form of sacrifice — that is, pain that is accepted with complete surrender to the will of God.

Recently, I went with one of the sisters of our order to visit a family in England that we were acquainted with. Bożena is Polish, and her husband is English. They have a ten-year-old son. Bożena has a rare condition — it affects one person in a thousand. It is most likely a paralysis of the motor nerves. She cannot control her hands and legs, her head swerves from side to side, she cannot speak, and she is fed through a tube. Her husband loves her very much and does for her literally everything. He knows each gesture, each look, and he knows what his wife needs at any given time. The same is with her son. When he hears a certain sound coming from his mother’s room upstairs, he knows exactly what she wants.

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