2017-41 Alicja Lenczewska

Love with thought, speech and deed

Dec 28, 2017 LOA Editorial Office

Below, you will find excerpts from the writings of Alicja Lenczewska (1934-2012) — a Szczecin mystic who had the gift of talking to Jesus. God, through Alicja’s agency, encourages each of us to practice the love of our neighbors.

What is the love of your neighbor?

† The love of your neighbor is not about emotionality and tenderness but above all help. It is caring about their salvation, infusing courage into their hearts and kindling their faith. It is about discovering my Love in their sore hearts. It is about showing them that I am in their souls and wish that they notice me and share with me their worries, suffering and joy; that they let me help them […]

I want you to be a good disciple and servant of mine: to serve your brothers with thought, speech and deed; to love them with thought, speech and deed.

How to love with thought?

† To love with thought means to immerse every evil and weakness that you notice in your neighbor, of which you learn, in Mercy — to pray, forgive and wish for him or her to rise. In particular the evil that affects and harms you: enshroud it in Mercy.

If somebody has fallen into the mud and struggles in it, there is no way that he does not dirty others with it, particular those who stand the closest. Do not flee to cleanse yourself then and do not reach for the mud either to splash it on others in retaliation, for you do not help them and only get soiled yourself.

Love so much that love dries the puddle others are in and the mud that has soiled them. Love that is ardent will make the mud dry and come off from both them and you.

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