2017-41 Testimonies

Mary rescued me from death

Dec 28, 2017 Testimony

When I saw how close the power line was to the roof of the train, I heard a voice that repeated three times: “There, at the top of the train, your life had ended. From this moment on, you are starting a new life.”

On August 10 to 12 we were on a parish pilgrimage to Marian sanctuaries around Poland. As the main organizer I had to deal with many difficulties to lead the whole event the best I could, for the greater glory of the Lord. Upon returning home I felt incredibly tired. With barely three hours’ worth of sleep, I went back to work, which only worsened my exhaustion.

On that day, 13th of August, work duties required me to receive the service crew of a diesel-powered train. After four hours of loading duty, I took the train back to the canteen depot to have some breakfast. After stopping the train and turning the engine off I went to the roof of the cabin to plug in the pipe for the fuel tank. To complete this task, I had to be in a lying position on the roof of the train. After plugging in the fuel tank, I had to get up to a standing position to be able to get down off the roof. I intended to jump from the roof to the hood of the train, but I needed a longer jumping off point. I took a few steps back and was about to take the jump when I heard the radio from the cabin with a command telling me to immediately get off the roof. As I later learned, I was actually standing directly under a high voltage power line containing 3000 V!

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