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The first and second secrets of Fatima

What Lúcia, Francisco, and Jacinta saw and heard during the third apparition on July 13, 1917 became known as the Secrets of Fatima. At first the children didn’t want to tell anyone what they had seen and heard.

Only Lúcia, under pressure from the bishop, described the vision of hell and the substance of the secrets which the Holy Mother had shown her. But before she did, she explained her internal resistance and reservations: “How could I describe hell? I wouldn’t be able to find adequate words to describe the reality, because what I say is unsatisfactory, it only provides a poor impression”.

The vision of hell

Following the bishop’s advice, Lúcia described the unfolding of the third apparition and the vision of hell: “On July 13, 1917, shortly after our arrival at the kermes oak at Cova da Iria, when we had been praying the rosary with the many people who had gathered, we saw the by now well-known glow of light, and then the Holy Mother in the tree. »What do you wish from me?« »I want you to continue praying the rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, as an entreaty for peace on earth and for the end of the war, because only She can secure this grace«”. After these words the Holy Mother revealed to the children the secret, which was composed of three different parts.

The greatest threats to humanity are atheism, obstinacy in sin, and rejection of God’s mercy

Let’s hear what Lúcia had to say: “First was the vision of hell. The Holy Mother asked: »Offer yourselves for sinners and repeat frequently, especially when you will experience sufferings: ‘Oh Jesus, I do this out of love for You, for the conversion of sinners, and for reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary’«. At these last words she spread her arms again like she did in the two previous months. Rays of light appeared to penetrate the earth and we saw what appeared to be a sea of fire. Immersed in this fire were devils and souls in human form similar to transparent glowing embers. The figures were thrown up with great force inside the flames and were falling everywhere, like sparks from a great fire, as light as down, without weight and balance, amid horrifying screams, howls, and pain of despair which provoked shuddering from the horror. The devils differed from the humans in their horrific and vile forms, similar to some unknown, fear-provoking animals, and at the same time transparent like glowing embers. Terrified, we lifted our eyes to Our Lady, seeking help from her. She, full of goodness and sadness told us: »You have seen the hell that the souls of poor sinners go to. God wants to rescue them. God wants devotion to my Immaculate Heart to spread throughout the world. If what I tell you will be done, many will be saved from hell and it will bring peace on earth”.

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