2017-41 The Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples

The Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples

Dec 27, 2017 LOA Editorial Office

“The great mystery, which is the Church and humanity in Christ, does not exist apart from the great mystery expressed in the one flesh (…), that is, in the reality of marriage and the family.” (Pope John Paul II, Letter to families, 19).

Jesus Christ asks us to love one another as He loved us (John 15:12). Only this kind of love can express the meaning of our lives and the truth about the sacrament of marriage and human sexuality. Therefore human sexuality is also to express and convey God’s love through the physical and spiritual unity of the spouses. The spouses are to mutually give their love to each other, and the only source of this love is Jesus, permanently present in their sacrament of marriage. Only when man and woman are in a sacramental marriage and in the state of sanctifying grace, does sexual intercourse become the sign of the sacrament of marriage and the source of mutual sanctification. This is the truth about human sexuality and marriage revealed by Jesus. It brings optimism and joy, and at the same time it is very demanding.

If we do not understand the revealed truth about human sexuality, we will not be able to understand Christianity

Speaking of the importance of human sexuality, Jesus touches the deepest layers of humanity — the greatest human longings and desires, as well as the lack and misery caused by egoism and sins. Hungry for love and plagued by multiple evils, without Jesus Christ we will not be able to free ourselves from the bondage of evil and find the meaning of our lives, the meaning of our sexuality — we simply will not learn how to love. By revealing the truth about human sexuality, the Lord Jesus makes us aware that all the sins of impurity, that is premarital and extramarital sex, contraception, pornography and homosexual acts — plunge us into the hell of selfishness, enslave us, and destroy love.

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