The second operation wasn’t necessary!

Following the ambulance on the way to hospital, I begged God to heal our daddy, to let him live; I was telling the Lord how dear our dad was to us, and that without him our life would be difficult.

On July 18th 2016 my phone rang. From the other side of the line I heard my mother’s voice, filled with fear and panic: “Something is wrong with dad! For a moment he didn’t recognize me and didn’t know what he was saying.” Two days before, dad had been admitted to hospital for a routine hernia repair surgery, and on the day he was discharged he had a strange attack, which turned out to be the result of a hematoma that had already occupied one third of the cerebral hemisphere.

Overwhelming panic ensued. None of us could believe that this healthy, strong man had to be im – mediately put on the operating table to undergo a trepanation of his skull. In spite of our fear we prayed and praised God for this suffering. After a few hours dad was in the operating room. Our whole fam – ily, including my not yet one-yearold son — dad’s favourite — were waiting outside the operating room for the happy ending of this awful day. We were all praying, trying to keep trusting and relying on Jesus in everything, all the time repeating the words: “Jesus, I trust in You ”

When the doctor came up to us, it turned out that everything went according to plan and dad was being awakened at that moment. After two hours we finally saw him, and he looked at his grandson and called: “Staś!” and smiled. So we knew that he recognized us and that he could speak — it was very important. The following days passed quietly, and dad was recovering. Mum was helping him in everything and took care of him so eagerly that he got the nickname “Count” in the hospital. The whole family surrounded dad with love and care.

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