2018-42 Divine Mercy Testimonies

Assault in broad daylight

Apr 17, 2018 Testimony

I prayed with the words: “Jesus, I trust in You!” […] Suddenly, everyone began running in a panic.

To get from my neighborhood to the town center one has to take a “short cut.” It is known that the area is frequented by suspicious characters with various addictions. If I had to take this path, I would silently pray with the words: “Jesus, I trust in You!” One day, as I was walking across the path, I had the prayer in my mind when I was suddenly attacked by someone in a black mask. He was with a group of about ten young kids on mountain bikes. The attacker came at me and attempted to snatch my bag and we got into a scuffle. He threatened to kill me and he shot something like a BB gun several times near my head. He struck me, pushed me down and kicked me. Suddenly everyone began running in a panic.

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