God has created man out of love and conferred many gifts on him, one of them being freedom. When a man makes an improper use of it – turns his back on God and steps into the mire of the evil spirit – he exposes himself to the destructive work of Satan.

Man may make wrong use of freedom and thereby oppose his Creator. God warns man against this. Revealing the Decalogue to Moses, the Creator imposed a ban on the worship of other gods as the First Commandment states: “for you shall worship no other god, because the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God” (Exodus 34:14). Betraying God, who is the source of all good and life, carries serious consequences, because by such conduct man steps onto the turf of destructive evil spirits and ultimately may bring upon himself eternal damnation.


The First Commandment of the Decalogue refers not only to worshipping idols as part of pagan cults, but also to any and all practices invoking supernatural forces that do not have God as its source, that is, to be involved in magic and the occult. Such practices represent a grave sin, breaking off the ties between man and God, causing the loss of God’s grace and subjugating man to the power of demons. Ultimately, it may also result in damnation.

When you are in despair or saddled with difficulties, you must watch out for Satan, who will try to take advantage of this moment of human weakness and thus lead you astray

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