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On sins of impurity

In 1938, Servant of God Rozalia Celakówna wrote “An Appeal to Doctors” in which she warns against sins of impurity. The heart of her message has not lost its relevance.

No sin is as widely propagated today as the sin of impurity; the Sixth and the Ninth Commandments are completely ignored while all the others are loosely acknowledged. […] If you think that sexual liberation is necessary for one’s health, just go to all the mental health institutions and gather data on how many people are ill due to a life of sobriety, and compare that to how many are ill due to a life of debauchery, and how many perversions are sexual in nature. Nothing debases and corrupts a person as much as depravity. It is the easiest path to perdition. According to the Holy Church Fathers more than three-fourths of the souls condemned to hell go there because of sins of impurity.

If you go further along this road of impurity, it will definitely lead you to condemnation. And what kind of life will be left for you? God gave you the will for self-determination, but not so that you can reject Him completely from your heart and soul from your daily life; He gave you a free will so that you get to know Him thoroughly and love Him with fire and fervor. The greatest loss is to lose God. […]

Reject impurity!

We have to replace the gods of sensuality with the Lord Jesus, with the love for virtue of purity, which transforms a man into an angel. When we do this, egoism, materialism and hatred will disappear and in their place will come a true love for one another, coming from the true, selfless love of God. […]

A life of purity is truly beautiful! The soul that is untainted by these sins, though dressed in beggar’s rags, is immeasurably happy. What could be more precious than a clear conscience, bringing with it the peace of a child of God. Ask Christ to give you the gift of understanding these truths. A creature of the flesh will not be able to understand Divine things without being completely transformed. If you experienced once the sweetness of serving God, you would abandon all other things. […] Your worth is measured by the degree to which you are tied to God, but if you lower yourself to the level of animals, you are worth less than they are, though you may occupy the highest position in the world, though your temple be crowned as an earthly king. […]

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