Below, you will find excerpts from the writings of Alicja Lenczewska (1934-2012) – a Szczecin (Poland) mystic who had the gift of talking to Jesus. God, through Alicja’s agency, encourages each of us to practice love.

Let us now read the actual words of Jesus, as he speaks to Alicja.

What is purity of heart?
† Purity of heart is not about you not letting any impurities to enter inside it – because you do not have such power over your heart – purity of heart is about you letting me clean it, whilst incessantly asking for it, and putting your heart entirely at my disposal. I have the power and the wish of cleansing hearts and only I can do it. How very wrong are those who imagine that they can do something on their own and then come to me already clean.

What are the stages of this education?
† The education process leading to pure love begins with hedonistic, self-seeking love, and ends with God’s love; a love that is seeking suffering and the helping of others – enriching their souls and increasing their joy in me. A desire for suffering for the good of others is the apogee (high point) of any soul’s development. My love urges and invites them to strive for it. A soul that reaches it is joyful because it is godly in its entirety and fully united with me here on earth. It is full of peace and joy, even if hell rages around, because what is outside does not concern or touch its divine interior. This is the purity I want to bring many to, so that their souls sanctify the desires of the flesh with their purity. This is so that there are no other desires than the desire to have God abiding in a human soul.

Evil deeds must be denounced and condemned, but man must be shown love and help

How long does it take to complete the process?
† Education towards pure love is a process that continues throughout the entire life of an individual. I take a man or woman from this world when they have reached the maximum of their potential in this respect. Some people’s maximum is the zero point of love or even below it, but this is their choice, who have used their free will to be voluntary slaves of Satan. Any person who wishes to return to me, even if the wish is feeble and made at the very last moment of life, is always offered this option and has my support.

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