2018-42 The Movement of Faithful Hearts

The Movement of Faithful Hearts

Apr 17, 2018 LOA Editorial Office

Despite situations of great crisis in marriage, when a spouse has abandoned the marriage or has taken on a different partner, there is reason not to lose hope. The Lord Jesus brings healing and recovery through the Movement of Faithful Hearts community.

With all the problems and crises that come up in married life, spouses need to turn to Jesus, who is truly present in the sacrament of matrimony. Concerning the merits of this sacrament – and especially in situations of great marital crisis – the Lord Jesus always obliges spouses to be faithful to their marital vows and to mutually forgive each other, as well as to follow the commandments and fulfill His will. Then He Himself will heal wounded hearts with His all-powerful love and restore and heal their mutual relations. For God, there is no problem beyond resolution. We must only assent and allow Jesus to work in our lives. How? We must surrender our hearts every day to Jesus’ healing power through prayer, and plead for the conversion of our spouse.

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