Twice my family entered into a dialogue with the devil, consulting a fortune teller. And twice we lost.

I turned up in the world as a healthy baby, but at seven months I got seriously ill. The doctors could not determine the cause of my illness. I had problems with my long bones, I lost weight and I vomited all the time.

Long months of illness and hospital runs began. I wasn’t developing well. My peers could already walk and I was lying in a pushchair. The doctors just threw up their hands, saying that medicine was powerless. My condition continued to deteriorate, until I found myself in intensive care. That’s when my father found a fortune teller. Somehow she got to know quite a lot about our family, also about the fact that there was a sick child in the family. She said that a spell was cast on an adult family member, but it touched a defenseless child. The woman began to perform various rituals over me, and then she said that the child should feel better. But I was still in the intensive care unit. My mom was not allowed to come near me. She could only look at me through the window and come up stealthily at night, when there were few people in the hospital.

One night, when my mother was leaving me, she lost all hope for my recovery. She sat down on the stairs and began to cry with all her might and beg Mary for a miracle of healing for me. The next morning she was told to come to take me from the hospital. She understood this to mean that either I had died or my condition had improved. Mom thought I had died. But when she saw that I was feeling better, there was no end to her joy! She immediately realized that she should thank Mary for her daughter’s healing. After this incident, my mother began to pray earnestly and to believe in God, which she had not done before. This was because my family talked about God only at Christmas and Easter.

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