A call to conversion from Tre Fontane

On the cover of Dabiq – a propaganda magazine of the Islamic State – there was a picture of St. Peter’s Square with an ISIS flag flying over it. Appearing in Tre Fontane, Our Lady said that if people ignored her call to reform, “from the east, a nation that is distant from God will come and destroy the most holy things.”

For the first time, Our Lady appeared to Bruno Cornacchioli in Tre Fontane, a suburb in Rome, on April 12, 1947. Cornacchiola received the gift of knowing the greatest threats to the Church, which are moral corruption, atheism and Islam. Up to his death in 2001, Cornacchiola would receive messages and prophecies from the Virgin Mary. His diaries presage events that later came to pass, such as the date of the death of Pope Pius XII and the election of Pope Paul VI in 1963, the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the date of the abduction and murder of the Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro, in 1978, the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986, the bomb explosion at the St. John Lateran Basilica in 1993, and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. There are also announcements of other dramatic events that will take place if people do not mend their ways.

Who was Bruno Cornacchiola?

Bruno was born in Rome on May 9, 1913, to a very poor family. He had a tough childhood and often suffered due to hunger and his father’s drunkenness. He got married at the age of 23. At about that time, he joined the underground Italian Communist Party. A few months after the wedding, he left for Spain to fight in the civil war on the side of communists. He spent three years there and fought in many bloody battles. Having become friends with a German soldier who, being a Protestant, hated the Catholic Church, Bruno willingly listened to him.

Cornacchiola bought a knife with a firm resolution to kill the pope

He preached that what was said about Jesus’ love and his teaching on eternal life as well as of confession and the Eucharist were merely priests’ inventions. He claimed also that the Catholic Church was the source of all evil in the world and was the synagogue of Satan. With his little knowledge of the Catholic Church, Bruno came to firmly believe in what he heard. The seeds of hatred for the Catholic Church, pope and clergy were sown so heavily in his heart that during his visit to Toledo he bought a knife with a firm resolution to kill the pope. Upon his return to Rome in June 1939, Cornacchiola destroyed and burnt all the crucifixes, pictures and religious objects that were at his home. He started then to attend services at an evangelical church, only to move to the Adventists after several years. At every opportunity, he would show hatred for priests and the Catholic Church.

Tre Fontane

On Saturday, April 12, 1947, Cornacchiola took his three children to Tre Fontane, close to a large grotto (about one kilometer from the Trappist Monastery, the venue of the beheading of St. Paul the Apostle in 67 A.D. and, 250 years later – at the time of Diocletian – the martyrdom of 10,000 Roman soldiers for their belief in Christ). Bruno intended to draft a speech exposing the errors of the Catholic teaching on Our Lady. When he got down to start writing, his children: Gianfranco, Isola and Carlo, went off to play with a ball. At a certain moment, Cornacchiola noticed that his youngest son, Gianfranco, knelt down and with hands joined in prayer began to repeat mechanically the words: “Beautiful Lady, Beautiful Lady”. Then, a moment later his daughter Isola and son Carlo also dropped to their knees and repeated the words “Beautiful Lady” in awe. Annoyed, Bruno tried to raise his children to their feet one after another, but he could not because they were like pieces of rock embedded in the ground.

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