Below, you will find excerpts from the writings of Alicja Lenczewska (1934-2012) – a Szczecin mystic who had the gift of talking to Jesus. Through Alicja’s agency, Christ sends each of us a message for the days preceding Doomsday.

† It is your mission to give wit – ness about me. Do this at every op – portunity. Look for such oppor – tunities and create them. People need help. Haste is needed so that they make it before the time they have been given is over. Little of this time is left. Preciously little…

Escalation of the activity of the evil one

† The goal of the servants of Satan in the world is to mislead as many souls as possible and cast them into the abyss of hell. […] Life on earth is a preparation for eter – nal life and, at the same time, a free choice of the quality of the life to come, either in unity with God or with Satan. I make use of Love and Truth, because I am them, and I lead to unity. My enemy makes use of hatred and falsehood, which are inherent in his self, and leads to disunity. Hence, it is necessary to don a full spiritual armor of which St. Paul speaks (Ephesians 6:10-18) and reject everything that has an appearance of evil.

The spheres of life that are es – pecially attacked include the heart, mind and body. The heart is attacked by excessive pride, vanity, dogged – ness, fear, rejection of spirituality, vulgarity and selfishness. The mind is attacked by stupidity, superficiality, illusion, lies, distrust and ignorance. The body is attacked by considering it as the supreme value. A female body – by its commercialization and making it a source of pleasure. […]

The fruits are visible even to peo – ple who are not very bright, although systematic efforts are made to lower sensitivity, benumb and increase their sense of helplessness in order to accustom them to perversion, evil and cruelty, so that they believe all this to be normal or be even the symptoms of progress of civiliza – tion… In this way, people are totally stupefied and pushed into the jaws of Satan or even made to go there on their own.

You, my faithful children, are called, with me and the Virgin Mary, through your trust and heroic dedi – cation, to win and participate in the renewal of the faith on earth and my triumph in human souls.

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