We are witnesses to a dramatic battle between the civilization of death, which is controlled by Satan, and the civilization of love, which was brought to us by Jesus Christ.

The forces of evil have been decisively defeated in the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. If, however, we deliberately do not believe in Christ or we stand on the side of sin, then we are willingly surrendering ourselves to enslavement in the civilization of death.

The main targets of attack of the forces of evil are: the individual and the married couple. Each individual carries the image of God and bears a resemblance to Him, while the married couple serves as an icon of the Holy Trinity. Sister Lucia, to whom the Lady of Fatima revealed herself, wrote: “The final confrontation between the Lord and Satan will be over the family and marriage.” Therefore, we must constantly unmask the presence of Satan and his terrible plan to destroy both the individual and marriage, which includes the family. The evil forces sharpen their blades and aim them at that which is holiest – man and his oneness with God. With the propagation of a hedonistic way of life and the use of a whole array of birth control methods, Satan wants to prevent the conception of a new life, and even when life has been conceived, he tries to implant in the mothers-to-be the idea to kill the child even before it is born. As for the children who succeed to be born, as they go through life the father of lies aims to demoralize them through pornography, sex, drink, drugs, and violence; the old and the sick are then disposed of through euthanasia.

The most important goal of Satan and his civilization is to lead people, initially, to their moral and spiritual deaths, and ultimately, to their physical deaths.

The first stage of this demonic plan is to prevent births. The fact that more people die in Europe than are born proves how deeply European countries have fallen under the domination of the civilization of death.

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