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When I work with couples, I compare my work to a detective’s investigation. Sometimes one word spoken at the end of the visit is key, sometimes a deep analysis of the patient’s history is necessary.

Currently, there is a steady increase in the number of infertile couples and women who are unable to carry a baby until it can be born with no problems. The pain caused by lack of children is often compared to suffering from cancer. It takes away the joy of life, and reduces our self-esteem in a big way. Sometimes it requires psychological or pharmacological therapy. There are stages of rebellion, denial, aggression and anger, and finally, acceptance of the problem. But not all couples arrive at this last, most mature stage of the way they react to their difficulties.

There have always been people struggling with this problem. Historical sources, especially where monarchies existed, give us examples of such situations. If there was a long wait for an offspring, especially male, it had a very significant impact on the history of such nations. Wives were changed, because in the past, the blame for the lack of a suitable offspring was placed on women – faith denominations were changed, substitute mothers were used, herbs were applied, magic was sought as help. Also, prenatal mortality rates, both of children and of mothers, was significantly higher than it is now.

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