2018-43 Catholic Church Faith

Open your hearts and pray

The fulfillment of prophecies depends on the attitude of people. If they reform and reconcile with God, the prophecies will no longer hold.

I f, however, people turn a deaf ear to the call to reform, they will have to eat the fruit of their sinful choices. The most severe punishment for sin is the very consequence of sin. If great evil has accumulated in the human community, its consequences will be terrible. It is for this reason that Our Lady precedes her prophecies with the warning: if people do not mend their ways, there will be wars, bloody persecutions and earthquakes. Our Lady, appearing in Tre Fontane (a suburb in Rome, Italy), said that the greatest threats to peace were moral corruption, atheism and Islam. She announced developments leading to bloodshed: “There will come a sudden punishment from the East. The invaders will say that they act in the name of God in order to subdue those whom they call ‘infidels’. These will be days of suffering and grief. There will be an attack by the enemies of God, supported by false prophets. “Special persecutions will befall the Catholic Church, but the forces of hell will not destroy it.” The mention of a strong nation from the East indicates the threat from Islam. On February 17, 1999, Bruno Cornacchiola wrote: “Why don’t people in the positions of responsibility see the threat of invasion of Europe by Islam? Don’t they remember Lepanto? Have they forgotten about the siege of Vienna in 1683? Can it be claimed to be a peaceful invasion if in Muslim countries they do not let us build churches or preach the Gospel, if they kill Christians and those who have believed in Christ?”

Mary said that the only weapon which can triumph over evil powers in faith in Jesus Christ

Bruno Cornacchiola had mystical visions, full of symbolic apocalyptical images. In one, he saw Muslims who surrounded churches full of people, shut the doors, poured gasoline from the roof and set the building on fire. In another mystic vision, Bruno saw Christians terribly persecuted because of their belief in the Eucharist, the Immaculate Conception and papal infallibility. Those who refused to renounce their faith were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Many dead people lay on St. Peter’s Square and adjoining streets. Blood flowed in streams down the streets. A horde of barbarians scurried around the interior of St. Peter’s Basilica, killing people indiscriminately. At a certain moment, Bruno saw all those who had survived and were in St. Peter’s Square, kneel down and start praying the rosary. The Virgin Mary appeared to them and said: “Keep your faith, they won’t defeat you.” When the persecutors were about to attack those people who were gathered in the Square, hosts of angels surrounded the praying people while the murderers laid down their arms.

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