2018-43 Faith The main topic

The internal freedom

Apr 19, 2018 Fr. Karol Meissner OSB

Each of us has to face the challenge of working on him or herself. This applies to every area of life, not just the sexual sphere. There are truly many people who attained internal freedom, and are enjoying living it.

T he question posed in the title of the article pertains to freedom from the need to seek sexual experiences. We do have, after all, a capacity to react to sexual stimuli. This capacity makes sexual relations possible. However, these relations should only be experienced as human experiences. From a cultural standpoint, the experience of sexual relations should be controlled and subordinated to social and moral order. From the standpoint of human dignity – they cannot rule over us: “All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything” (1 Corinthians 6:12).

We nonetheless recognize the existence of a serious problem: some young men and women look wisely at life and harbor in their hearts a desire for an ideal, but somehow they break down, and are not able to remain faithful to the ideal of purity in their personal lives. This applies not only to masturbation. The ideal of purity is compromised precisely in the period of engagement, that is to say, during the time of specific preparation for marriage, and then it remains the same within the marriage. In their youth the young man and the young woman see clearly a moral good and try to maintain it. But they find it difficult to keep it right from the time they first get engaged up until the marriage. This becomes the source of jeopardy to the order of family life, which has emerged and expanded in contemporary society, leaving so many people in sadness!

It is all the more important to pay attention to the need to undertake the effort to achieve one’s moral capacity and to maintain it unceasingly, relying on maintaining due order in the sexual sphere. If we consider that sexual activity is subordinated to sexual needs, we cut off completely the possibility of linking this activity to love and goodness – as it is supposed to be.

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