Whoever believes, will be saved

Belief in the resurrection of Christ is based on concrete facts, and everyone who becomes familiar with them will establish a personal relationship with the Risen Lord.

Jesus Christ truly died and arose from death to allow each of us to become part of the final victory over death, Satan and sin. Without faith in the resurrection of Christ there is no salvation. This is why Jesus tells us: “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” (Mark 16:16)

We can be certain that the texts in the New Testament faithfully represent the teachings of Jesus, His passion and death, as well as the joyful truth of His resurrection. These texts were written by people who were either personal witnesses of Christ’s deeds, or who accurately relate the words of those who were Christ’s companions in His earthly life. The Holy Bible is a credible source of information about the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Professor Clark H. Pinnock describes the Bible as a unique piece of work from the ancient world, and being subject to historical examination has been found to have a coherent, consis – tent and unified message, proving to be an excellent source of historical data, which could not be ignored. The scepticism about the historical credentials of Christianity is based on an ir – rational prejudice against the su – pernatural. (Pinnock, 1968)

Objective historical research has led to the confirmation of the fact of the resurrection of Christ

The scientific analysis of the evangelical texts that refer to the res – urrection of Christ, point to the ac – curacy of the historical reports of what really happened. Objective historical research has led to the con – firmation of the fact of the resurrec – tion of Christ. Those who reject this fact are motivated by prejudice, su – perstition, or preconceived assump – tions, and not by objective reason.

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