2018-44 Youth

A Few Bits of Practical Advice

Aug 20, 2018 LOA Editorial Office

Here we offer a few bits of practical advice concerning the cultivation of sexual purity. These gems come from people who have escaped from powerful sexual obsessions. They are beneficial for anyone who is willing to struggle to maintain chastity.


Above all, remove from your presence everything that provokes or might provoke sexual excitement. This is more than just “hard” pornography, but includes softer “girlie magazines” that are full of articles about sex and suggestive pictures. Ask someone to install a block on inappropriate Internet pages, or disconnect the internet completely at least for some time. TV is not any less dangerous.


Try to regard persons of the opposite sex with respect and love, and not with lust. Don’t “undress them with your eyes”. Don’t fantasize. Turn your gaze away from provocatively dressed women.


Don’t look at your own body or touch yourself unnecessarily. Don’t battle impure thoughts head-on. When they come up, ignore them, and turn your attention to some safer subject. Remember that you are giving up these pleasurable thoughts for something of incomparably greater value. If you feel the impure thoughts are just too strong to overcome turn immediately to prayer. A short prayer is all that is needed, but it would help to repeat it over and over again until the temptation goes away.


Don’t get into a dialogue with temptation.

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