All is Not Yet Lost

“Is it possible that there’s still mercy for me?” – everyone who is asking themselves this question will be comforted after reading this amazing dialogue which St. Faustyna wrote down between Jesus and a despairing soul.

– Jesus: “O soul steeped in darkness, do not despair. All is not yet lost. Come and confide in your God, who is love and mercy.”

But the soul, deaf even to this appeal, wraps itself in even greater darkness.

– Jesus calls out again: “My child, listen to the voice of your merciful Father.”

In the soul arises this reply: “For me there is no mercy,” and it falls into greater darkness, a despair which is a foretaste of hell, and makes it unable to draw near to God.

– Jesus calls to the soul a third time, but the soul remains deaf and blind, hardened and despairing. Then the mercy of God begins to exert itself, and, without any cooperation from the soul, God grants it final grace. If this too is spurned, God will leave the soul in this selfchosen disposition for eternity. This grace emerges from the merciful Heart of Jesus and gives the soul a special light by means of which the soul begins to understand God’s effort; but conversion depends on its own will. The soul knows that this is the final offer of grace and, should it show even a flicker of good will, the mercy of God will accomplish the rest.

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