How We Stay Pure

For a year we’ve bee n liv ing with this testimony which is so difficult to write down. What should we say exactly? Do we share the joy of experiencing pure love o r do we warn against indolence and painful failures? There was joy, there were failures, too

We feel that we have to tell you all about it – out of a sense of duty as well as a sense of gratitude, because our lives were changed thanks to a letter from someone who was bold enough to write about this topic. “You probably know of the magazine I read, Love One Another! (…) Recently, Jacek came across these magazines of mine. We began to read together, point to some better fragments, talk about it, simultaneously looking at each other, then at the magazine and the cross over my door, and then, truly, we experienced a breakthrough. We realized that although rules give boundaries we could live by them.

So what happened next? Yesterday we felt like we were creating a movie or a book. We went to church.

It was not the first time we were there on a weekday, but this time we went there to commit our lives to something quite radical. We gave Jesus a promise of purity – but not just sex after marriage and that’s it. It was a promise of purity of heart and thought – totally. A sincere confession, then Communion, and a promise at home – on our knees, in front of the holy picture, holding hands.

(…) You know, I had always dreamed of a boy with whom I could be myself, with all my faith and living by faith. But when I see that such a boy is right next to me, that he not only accepts me, but also experiences everything the same way as I do – I cannot keep it to myself only. Do you know that sometimes we even pray a decade of the rosary together in the evening, on our phones? This really unites; I knew that I would not be disappointed if I rely on God.”

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