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On the Kind of Family I Would Like to Have

Aug 20, 2018 Jan Bilewicz

Today I would like to share a few thoughts about the family of my dreams. Of course, what I write does not have to be your dreams. Your dreams can be different.

I will start from the end. I would like to live with my family in the countryside. Yes, in the countryside. We would live close to nature, which is very important to me, because nature shows the greatness and wisdom of God. The trees, fields and flowers are constantly telling the story of their Creator. You just need to have some peace in your heart to hear this story. The city speaks rather of people as its creators. And, in my opinion, it is not always the most beautiful story.

I once lived in the countryside for three years. I remember birds flying down to feed on the windowsill. Even a woodpecker! Bullfinches were not so bold. They came only in the heaviest frosts and timidly sat on the lilac bushes around the house. Magpies like to walk. They are very pretty, but unfortunately they have ugly characters. For example, they have no qualms about devouring other birds’ eggs from their nests. I saw how smaller birds had to fight them off. Blackbirds have the habit of staying close to the house. What beautiful concerts they performed in spring and summer! The sight of geese flying south in a V formation invokes nostalgia in one’s heart. They fly thousands of kilometers to return without fail to their nests in the spring. Storks do the same.

The neighbors were surprised that I did not have a TV set, and they even wanted to give one to me. I would always answer, “Why do I need a TV set, if I can watch two of the best channels anyway – I look out of one window and I have National Geographic, I look through the other and I have Animal Planet. Everything is live. And as for the news, I can read it in the newspaper.” I did not watch TV, but instead I had something that a TV addict would never even dream about.

There’s a lot to talk about. This would probably make a book, but I am to write a relatively short letter. Anyway, I would like to live with my wife in the countryside: my wife, me and our children. Lots of children! Lots! I love children!

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