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Pornography – The Gravest Threat

Aug 21, 2018 Jan Bilewicz

Much is said nowadays about addiction. More about some, less about others. What is the most common kind of bondage among teenage boys? I don’t think there is any specific research available in this respect. The subject is “politically incorrect”. Polls on how many people support specific political parties are carried out every week or even several times a week. In contrast, the number of young people with addiction is not probed at all.

It appears that there are many types of addictions these days: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, medications, computers, all manner of electronic social media devises, sports, shopping, pornography and sex, television, TV shows, and so on. Addictions always have detrimental effects: physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Some are deadly dangerous.

Why is it a threat?

A cursory glance around makes one conclude that among young male adults pornography is the most frequent cause of addiction. There are several reasons for this.

Pornography is like a drug. It really gets the adrenalin going. It gives a super kick. It does not matter that after the kick, you can’t pull yourself together: you have a moral hangover, you are drained, images of naked girls still whirl around inside your head although a test on Literature is going on… How can I concentrate? The test is boring, anyway. School is boring, too

First, the female body – as all normal men know – is incredibly interesting. For a boy at the age of puberty it is super, super, super attractive, right? Cool it! You don’t need to have everything right away. For instance, you go to college only after finishing high school. If you tried to go to college after middle school, you would make a fool of yourself, wouldn’t you? A middle-school student must still learn a lot. In the area of man-woman relations, too, one has to learn a lot, in particular one thing. Which one? It is something that none of these so-called sexual educators want to teach you. Quite the contrary to what they teach, you must learn to control your desire. When you learn this, you will be able to love the girl who will later become your wife. Through the prism of this love you will look at her body with respect and admiration. And if you don’t learn this, you will make a fool of yourself: you will look at the body of a prospective wife or partner of yours in the way one watches porn stars – with lust, like objects to be used and later dumped, because there is not any love involved whatsoever.

Second, nude bodies are easily available to watch today. As easily as never before

Third, a teenager is not fully aware of the disastrous effects of watching pornography, while parents, teachers, or even priests only rarely warn against them. True, a battle against designer drugs and tobacco is waged today. But have you ever seen a battle being waged against pornography? As a result, such situations come up: for the 15th birthday of their beloved son, parents buy him a computer and hook it to the Internet in his room. They are proud of themselves, because their son is now no worse off than his classmates. Besides, he will need the Internet for studies. The expense is, admittedly, considerable, but thanks to it the son will be, if not excellent, then at least a much better student. Studying, however, gets relegated to the background already on the first evening, because fascinating scenes have already opened before the eyes of the 15-year-old. There are so many of them, each one more interesting than another. It is enough to enter the word “sex” in the browser and one can watch thousands of nude bodies.

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