2018-44 Youth

Powerful Experiences with “Free Love”

Aug 21, 2018 Jan Bilewicz

Not until recently have I ever thought what powerful experiences pre-marital sex can provide. Really powerful! I only got the idea from a magazine for girls. It is breathtaking just to imagine yourself in a situation that I am about to describe.

A green-eyed girl at a test

Well, I found an article there describing a certain event. Namely, the author of the article went to an English course with a beautiful, 21-year-old girl with “cat’s eyes” who at the time had been going out with a “handsome guy”. So, this guy, even though he had such a beautiful girl and – as the context shows – a fully available one, he went and slept with another. Are you surprised? There’s no surprise here! It’s quite normal among guys who “live freely”. They just lose control over themselves at some point. He may have a smashing girl, and yet he will still go to bed with another, just anyone handy, because he is addicted to sex.

“Go for a test!” When the author of the article saw the situation, she decided to advise her new friend to go for an HIV test. She was right! The guy was obviously irresponsible, you don’t know who he had gone with and how many more encounters he had before. It’s better to check than to live in uncertainty. Through a telephone helpline they obtained the address of the clinic performing such tests. They went together. The girl with “cat’s eyes”, pale as a sheet, entered the surgery. It turned out that first a conversation with a psychologist was needed. Then, having given blood, you can go home. It is Friday. The results will be out on Monday. Now – I suppose – the experiences connected to premarital sex have intensified: “Will I live or will I receive a death sentence on Monday morning? A real death sentence! If the latter, then when will I die? Soon, or in a year, in two or five years? How will I die?” She had lots to think about over the weekend.

The risk of contracting HIV when it comes to sexual intercourse is “high”. Some will advertise condoms as a “safety measure”. So, in other words, they encourage you to rely on a piece of elastic about 0.25 millimeter thick for you “to be or not to be”, you are face to face here with your own life and death!

Finally Monday came. She stands at the door of the familiar surgery and cannot make up her mind to walk in. Finally she enters… What are the results? Negative! She will live!!! What a relief. How much joy, how much happiness! And all this happened because of premarital sex.

I am glad that it ended well. I do not understand one thing though. The publishers of the magazine where I found the article know what fatal outcomes pre-marital sex can lead to, and at the same time they encourage it in 1001 ways. Isn’t it strange? You would expect premarital purity should be encouraged in 1001 ways, because it is the only 100 percent sure way to prevent all sexually transmitted diseases. But they do not do that, they do just the opposite! Is it schizophrenia or something? I think things are like this: the publishers could not care less about their readers’ lives. They may as well get sick and die (the truth is sometimes brutal). The publishers are more concerned about a new “hot topic” – attracting attention, and therefore making money.

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